Does anyone know a trick I can do from this mount?

The strings are intersected in the middle, they dont just overlay.
its when you are in a bucket and then hop out of the triangle but keep the triangle open with your thumbs.

Thank you to all that reply!

This is a very fun mount to play with. Most of my tech revolves around different things that can be done in it. Just experiment.

Look up the trick “Gorilla hands”

Gorilla hands starts with the strings overlayed on each other not criss-crossed.

oh i thought it was that mount, what is this one called

I’m not sure if it has a name. I feel like most non traditional mounts don’t have names.

What throw is that lol

You could swing the yoyo under and threw the triangle and go from there into a whip trick or and slack

YYF Severe. The Delrin version.