Can someone please tell me what this is called

I took this from a Terra Tutorial. It looks like a modification of a GT. Does anyone know if it has a name?

Heres also a picture of Zach from CLYW doing it too.

Thank you!!!

that’s two different mounts…

Could be the same thing mounted on different fingers. Could also be different.

I understand that they are different. Im more interested in the one from the Terra Tutorial. but the video sorta cut out the bottom of it so i put the picture of zach in there to show a semi-looking mount.

I saw Shu Takada do something similar to this.

And guys, he is trying to ask what this is, not exactly which one that and that one is…

Anything similar to these mounts?

There’s no formal name for it. A lot of non-conventional mounts are nameless.



Ferrousity ftw. :wink:
So it appears to be a step within this (and probably other) trick(s).

Btw, thanks for giving me something to try later tonight. This one looks fun.

If you pop onto the string in between your yoyo and your thumb. then drop whats on your thumb and you get a double green triangle. You just have to pop out of the back.

What terra tutorial?