What's this called? (suicide-esque trick)

So I threw into a brother mount and then threw the loop from my right index finger over and across my body and caught it with my left hand. It ends up in an under mount, like you would go to for an easy breakaway bind.
It’s not very hard, and I’m not very good, so I’m sure it’s been done before. What’s it called?

I don’t think it’s been named…

Name it now!

Check out this video

Is this close to what you are doing?

Don’t think so.

He’s tossing the string from his right pointer finger to his left pointer finger, thus making him in an under mount.

Very close! Only difference is I’m letting the loop go from my right index.\

Thank you

Oh I see. Sounds pretty sweet. Could you post a vid?

Man, my first yoyo vid. I’m getting all anxious.
I’ll see what I can do!