Is there a name for this one?

Here’s a trick I recently discovered. Just wondering if its a “thing”.

It is somewhat a mix of Guy Wright’s “inverted wrist mount” as well as kwyjibo.

If you want to try it:

-Get into a Houdini mount
-Do a ripcord off the loop in your non-throwhand
-Next time, pop the yoyo during the ripcord while crossing your left hand over your right and landing the yoyo on the string (Kind of like a reverse kwyjibo).
-A neat mount is formed that leads to more tricks… Maybe pinch your throwhand index finger to drop some cool slacky stuff? I don’t know.

Thanks for checking it out! Sorry for the darkness/low quality.
Yoyo used is a Benchmark V

don’t know if it’s a thing, but I like it!

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VERY cool element indeed.  :o

Now that you’ve put it to video it is indeed a thing. Alex Gallimore does something similar in his recent video at 0:58 seconds:

But there are obvious differences. So, you have indeed made ‘a thing’ as far as I’m concerned.  ;D

That being said, with so many yoyoers worldwide, it’s hard to find all that many ‘things’ that haven’t been done in some form or another. Doesn’t change the fact that you came across it independently though.

Wow I had watched this video a few times and never noticed that! Thanks for showing me. His version is so slacky and impressive. Also thanks for checking out this thread!