Your Trick

Just describe a trick you made up. Doesn’t matter if it’s weird. Someone may have done this before, but mine is like a frontwards double or nothing, so when you roll out you come into a bind. What’s yours? :wink:

Mine starts in a wristmount instead of dropping the string on your index you take the string closest to you on your throw hand and bring it to your fingers and twist then drop it lands in a gt and pop out

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I haven’t really made any up, but recently I’ve taken to doing my ripcord differently. Instead of doing two loops on, then pulling, then binding, I do the first loop and then for the second, I hop the yoyo in the air a bit, and flip a loop all the way around so that you end up landing in an undermount right away. So there’s a second loop, but the axle of the yoyo never sits on it.

In my head and to my wife, I call it the “Flip Cord” because the string flips around. :wink:

Embarrassing, but there it is.

Brother mount, twist string with NTH, swing through the hole, land on the string to the right, hop on the string to the left, hop up and cross your hands, swing the yoyo clockwise and uncross your hands, swing yoyo in one full rotation one more time, swing back slide into a trapeze and bind…

Houdini Mount, put NTH middle next to NTH index and swing the yoyo off the string, swing the yoyo behind all the other strings and land on the front string, swing hte yoyo over your TH and swing it around your NTH index. Drop front TH index string, swing yoyo counter-clockwise, drop TH, swing the yoyo clockwise, do an oliver twist and bind…

Explaining tricks by text just doesn’t work… I’ve been planning on making a tutorial of these 2 soon though :smiley:

I actually do this one. I think it’s fun ;).

I think this thread would be much better if you posted a video (or tutorial) on your signature trick.

A video would indeed be cool! But let’s not call them “signature” tricks. They’re just things people made up, and some of them are far too humble and “obvious” to be signature tricks!

Haha yeah. Like my “made up” tricks are just random movements haha. I think we should be posting tricks, then if we liked it, you can post a tut.

I actually do this one. I think it’s fun ;).

yea its cool looking too when you twist the string it looks all fancy somewhat like a triple tower and then you drop to the gt and it just looks so cool haha and its simple

Check out the link for some of my custom tricks some of them are not mine though.