New bind


Hey guys, I figured out a cool looking bind, but I haven’t figured out what to name it. So how to do it: you start out kind of with a Houdini mount. The string goes around your thumb and your TH pointer, but instead of the string going under your NTH pointer, it comes over top of it. Then you take the outer most string and thread it under the yoyo. From there pinch the loop around your NTH pointer with your thumb and pop the yoyo into the air. I’d say it works about 75% of the time. Hope you guys like it!


sorry forgot something, when your threading the top string into the yoyo after the somewhat Houdini mount, your TH should come under the yoyo and your hands should end up crossed. Also when you have that pinch the loop around your TH pointer with your thumb and then pop it up into the air.


I don’t think I understand… Is it possible you can make a video?


Yeah I cant really explain tricks. I can probably make a video tomorrow though.


I name all my tricks after songs, or ordinary names. And the fact that Clark Gable sounds like an ordinary name and is also a song, makes that my favorite trick. It would be pretty helpful if you made a video.


I can make a video as soon as i find my camera. haha :-\


link to my video


Pretty chill my man. I’d call it… …::“The Sanctum of Olympus Bind”::… Not really you can call whatever you’d like, you came up with it :smiley:


Looks like it would jam all up inside the yoyo…

But once perfected it would be awesome!



Thanks guys, was just kinda messing around with different mounts one day and that was created.


I want to make video now.



Calling it a ZB bind because of your Initials.

Kinda screwed up trying the second time but ended up landing it


The link doesn’t seem to work, are you sure it’s the right one?


Nice room.




Coronett yeah haha

Noonar: must have been just on my phone, its working n the computer now.