Show off your best bind


Let’s see your most creative bind return. I know it sounds simple, but maybe there are some really creative ones I haven’t seen yet.


You’ve probably seen this bind, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s just so smooth.


My favorite is going from a trapeze and hopping to a crossed arm trapeze and then lowering the non throw hand and letting it bind.

(major_seventh) #4

I love having it done so the bind is set yet I pop it off my finger into the air to have it come flying back.




Very nice bind kulz! Smooth indeed.


Kulaz’ bind is commonly referred to as “Suicide Bind”. It’s a favourite of mine, too! I think slightly ahead of it for me is the Guy Wright bind.

Right behind those are any number of “stalled sky binds” (my own term for them), which I think is what someone (the user!) was describing. The loop for the bind is laying inside the gap… you finger grind for a moment, then throw the yoyo up. The loop flips into the gap for the bind and it comes down to your hand. :slight_smile:

Almost identical:

  • instead of throwing it up, you just let it drop and “slap” the loop into the gap
  • instead of throwing up, you throw sort of sideways. Same effect (loop flips into gap for the bind) but a different look

Variations end up with the loop in the gap but instead of stalling the sky bind and landing on finger grind, the trick is mainly in getting the loop there:

  • hop up and grind with your NTH fingers inside the cup. Whip the string over the yoyo so that a loop is lying in the gap. Give it a tug and the loops will feed into the gap for a bind
  • same as above, but instead of grinding in the cup, you grind on the palm (not horizontal, just regular orientation)
  • same as above, but grind on NTH finger (H.O.T. does this one)
  • hop the yoyo up one-handed, and whip the string over the top of the yoyo while it’s still in the air for the bind. I’ve seen Jensen do this one but I’m sure others have, too. I haven’t pulled it off yet.

Sorry, to answer the question: I don’t have any that I’ve created. But I love Suicide Bind and Guy Wright bind. :wink:


I wanna see some of these done by you guys. I like the bind you do after your superman tutorial Greg.

I just really feel like a good bind enhances a combo when I’m watching it. Seems to really make a huge difference between a good combo and a great combo, kind of like the icing on the cake.


That one is the Guy Wright bind.

Here’s a video with a few of those “stalled sky bind” tricks. I didn’t even know some of them when I made the video so it’s not a 1:1 mapping of my list. The last one, “weak then pull down” isn’t on my list either… it’s sort of the halfway point between regular sky bind and the one where you whip the loop over the yoyo in that you hop up with the loop already over the yoyo and then pull down.


Great video Greg. The sound effects… :D. I always do the finger and palm grind variations you showed. I’ll be working on that matador(?) and whip one today.


Awesome! Yeah, I call it “matador”, too! Even though you don’t actually matador on any spikes, the NTH finger positions are exactly “matador” style. Making bull horns as it were. :wink:

I had a feeling someone out there would get a kick out of my sounds. It’s force of habit! Haha!


Sounds= energy. Just hit a “stalled sky bind” from a trapeze to keep it simple for now. I did t realize how easy they were.
Jon, if ya can show off your best (even if it’s a regular old bind) with that new titanium you just built. I’d love to see it in action .


This video is oooollld:
last trick. I also really like one of andrew maider’s binds.


My favorite is the palm grind bind:


Haha Greg, those sound effect had me cracking up! I had to watch it a few extra times because it just sounded so funny, but did actually go perfect with the vid. Lol. Great binds though. Time for me to start practicing the grinding ones.


Haha! Glad you liked it, man! I get mixed reactions from my wife… in addition to random noises like in the bind video, when I learn a new trick, there’s usually a celebratory noise that goes with that specific trick. It’s a juvenile way of notifying her, “Hey, I landed that trick I’ve been working on!” and not-subtly asking her to share in my joy.

She got very tired of the Waynegasm celebration noise… ;D


Is this just restricted to 1a binds?


Nah man, post whatever!!


that’s hilarious! hey Greg, can you post a vid of how you do that bind that’s in your superman vid? that’s a cool bind. a d do you know how to do that sky bind where you swing it under your th and then up in the air to bind?


Oh man so many cool binds! I’m psyched to try some of them, “cool” binds are a definite weak point for me. Just starting to semi-consistently hit the sky bind.