Favorite Bind!

I noticed there wasn’t really a proper thread for this, so I figured I’d start one. What’s your favorite bind (apart from the basic one that is)? I have a lot, but to name a few I’d say flash bind, ghost bind, and finger grind to earth bind. The last two can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfwnNWYwl6U

Sky bind, suicide bind and Vashek’s president’s bind are my favourites.


OMG IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS VIDEO! I saw it a couple weeks back but i couldnt find it again. Ok, now onto the question, my favorite is the sky bind. Its stylish. But i usually just use the bind that andre uses in his tutorials(dont know the name), sure, u can get knots when u throw it sometimes but it never really gets a knot tight enough thqt i have to take the yoyo apart. This isnt the case for other binds in my case anyways.

I do a jade whip and catch it on the back string and shoot the yoyo left and have it bind back :wink:

My favorite and most used is a sky bind atm

the one where you do a regular bind and the do a suicide with it an it comes back up. Also this one. Look at about 2:19

My binds other than 2 or 3 were nonexistent until watching Shaposhnikov’s video a month or so ago.  I like sky bind, along with rethinks version, the TH and NTH elbow bind, ghost bind, and the bind on this Banana Turnover video (non-horizontal).

Rethinks sky bind…

Although not the flashiest, sky bind is possibly the easiest to slip into the end of a combo. Flash bind works well too, and ghost bind if you happen to end with a sleeper (rather than a dismount in which the yoyo is still moving). Grind binds are great to just show off with, though.

Sky bind and President’s Bind

I get a knot every single time with the earth bind… why?

That [Amazing Binds] video is one of my favorites. I have a few binds I enjoy more than others. I quite like to sky bind, elbow bind, and finger grind bind. The bind I use the most though is suicide bind. I would have to say my favorite is suicide bind.

Never had that problem with earth bind, but definitely others. Earth bind is so fun because I get to slap the string. Slapping string is so satisfying for some reason.

I never knew these binds exsited! My favorite is the suicide bind. All I know is the sky bind, suicide, presidents, and the normal one.

I like the whip bind…

Ok scratch everything my new favorite is an IRG bind.

I currently use the 3a bind that I think is called “Gunslinger”.

I’m not really a 3A guy. I thought it looked really cool once and decided to try throwing with my non-dominant hand. That excursion didn’t last long. But I think I know what you’re talking about and I’ve done it in 1A. Plastic whip then throw to the side, right? BTW my new favorite is probably a finger grind to ripcord bind like Ben did at 0:45

I like the ones that can be used at the end of a long combo or without a lot of spin. IRG-binds and stuff like sidewinder-binds look really cool, though require alot of spin and therefore becomes more of a trick itself rather than just a way to return the yoyo to your hand.

Agreed. But what’s wrong with doing a standalone bind just to be a little show-offy? A flashy bind could also be an eye-catcher and space filler in a freestyle in a pinch.

Suicide bind, bind from brother mount, bind from jade whip. (Never really been a fan of the sky bind) I generally just use the backspin bind though.