Favorite binds

I am a pretty new yoyoer and I am really starting to get sick of the two binds I use. I’d like to see everyones favorite binds to help expand what I can use personally.

What two binds do you use?

My favorite binds are the guy write bind (i think thats what its called?) and also the suicide bind is cool.

The two I use are show in the video below. Nothing too fancy but they get the job done.

This is one of my favorite bind videos.

i like my laceration sky bind, suicide and underhand binds

I like:

Upside-down Trapeze
Suicide Bind
Sky Bind
and (sometimes) Laceration Bind

I never really do any others than those unless I am trying to do something really cool.

Sky bind, plastic whip bind, brother bind, and reverse trapeze bind

Sky bind, Sucide bind, whip bind, plastic whip bind, Laceration bind(I think that’s what it’s called),etc

I enjoy many of these