What is your go-to bind that you use most frequently?

I don’t know what this is called, but it’s my most frequently used bind.

You can share a video too if you want.


Pretty sure that’s called a suicide bind.

My go to is either under mount and just swing the yoyo out to the side to bind or under mount and swing it between my body and throw arm up into the air.

I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m too lazy to make a video or find a video of it :joy:

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That’s a Guy Wright sky bind? G2Jake did a tut for that recently

Yeah that’s basically it. I shoot it off at an angle rather than straight up though. Love that bind, been my go to for years.

Usually my go to bind is the reverse laceration bind it’s super satisfying when I do it.

Guy Wright bind – I had no idea it was even called this until I saw Jake’s video about it, but I had already been using it for some time at this point.

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Mine is the “Jason Lee bind” otherwise known as the standard bind, or the “I ain’t got no time for your fancy binds” :joy: