What are some cool looking binds?


I see all of these people using flashy and smooth binds, but all I can do is the normal bind and the one handed bind from something like the plastic whip. What are your favorite binds and how to do them?



I enjoy binding from a brother and his trapeze. Find myself doing that one a lot as you can kind of throw the yoyo up to bind. :slight_smile:


Grind binds are my favorite. I made a video of some, here it is: http://instagram.com/p/rqkDQESdrg/?modal=true

First one:
Get into a plastic whip mount, put the yoyo in your hand, and bind. It will spin out when you’re done.

Second one:
Same as the first, just put it in a hat.

Third one:
Do a fingerspin, then whip the string into the gap.

Last one:
Hop the yoyo into a finger grind, push the string over it, and hop it up.