Good tricks with grinds involved?

I really like grinding but I don’t know many tricks or binds that involve grinds. Could you guys point out some good tutorials for me? Thanks :slight_smile:

Try a ninja vanish but pop the yoyo on to your finger and then drop it into the slack


Easy grind-to-bind:

  1. Do the same motion as you would do for a sky bind, but GENTLY… if it’s not gentle enough, the motion of the yoyo moving will slap the slack around for the bind. The end result should be a loop of string hanging down from the gap out of the NTH side.

  2. Land it on the throwhand finger and grind

3a. throw it up in the air for the bind. OR

3b. insert NTH finger and thumb into either side of the cup and lift. The difference in motion between the bearing and the now-slowing-down yoyo halves will cause bind. Allow your throw hand to be pulled at the yoyo.

There’s some Guy Wright-inspired grind tricks in this video, which I slowed down 50% so folks could see the tricks well enough to figure them out: