UFO Bind from a Horizontal Finger Grind

Hey guys,
I was wondering if someone could give me advice for how to do the bind from the horizontal finger grind. (So many yoyoers do the trick in their videos, but for some reason, I can’t find an example of that).
I throw the yoyo horizontally, land the finger grind, and then whip the string into the gap of the yoyo to bind it. The trick I am asking about is where you then bring your throw hand over the yoyo (letting the string do a UFO-like motion) and then bring it down towards the yoyo. When I try, the yoyo just comes back to my hand without letting me make the string UFO around the yoyo.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Just in case of you are wondering, I was using a YYF Shutter.)

do u want to do a actual bind or do you mean when you slack the string round and the string then coils up the yoyo? if your trying to whip the string round to where it coils up you need to slack the string round up higher above the yo. not sure if this helps?

:smiley: This trick is awesome once you get it down.

I’ve got some tips that should help you based off of how I learned how to do this.
First, land the fingerspin on your non-throwhand
Second, through a loop of slack around your non-throwhand shoulder so that the string is draped over it, but not slacked to the point where it wraps around the yoyo (a video example would be better here)
Third, wrap the string around the bearing from the inside and pull hard, raising your hand above the yoyo.
Fourth, make the UFO go as long as you want before your sleeper runs out and then let the string go around the yoyo to bind it.

I hope this helps. If not, I can try to make a short tutorial video for you.

Yeah man…a video would help me! And others I’m sure…

I’ll have to see when I can film one. I’ll post it here when it’s done.

@truplayerzz I was talking about when the string coils up the yoyo.
@Zorro Thanks for the suggestions! A video would also be really helpful.

Yeah, I will try to get that filmed today.

Alright, I filmed the video. I will have it uploaded, hopefully, by tonight.

Here it is:

It helps to have hubstacks to get a really strong focused spin, and then maybe switch to the shutter once that is done with ease. Also if there is string tension it will make it harder

Awesome! Thanks so much for that tutorial. It helped greatly. I guess one of the problems I was having with my bind was that I was whipping the string into the yoyo, instead of tossing it over my shoulder and feeding the string into the gap.

Yes, the shoulder thing makes it easier. After a while of doing that, try to do it by just whipping the string into the gap and bringing your hand up to get that UFO.