Backspin Air Bind help

I have been practicing this most of yesterday and today and I am far from consistent. There are times the yoyo goes up but does not bind. It’s like it slips or something.

Something I noticed in the video that I need to watch for. Is it like I am going for a second under loop but just barely miss the string? I think I am throwing it up before that point. Is that a nuance that I must have to make this work? Or… maybe I need a bigger loop? Any tips on this one?

Note: I don’t work it with my thumb. I use my middle finger in the bind.

Well I don’t watch the video since my connection is just too slow for it, but I think I know how it looks like so here is my advice.
when the yoyo is up in the air, pull the string with quick and sudden motion to let the bind went further and eventually let the response bite the string. If you just leave it alone, most of the time it will just slips at the end of the string. Pay attention to the stroke, if you pull it too slow or too far you will lose the bind. Make sure you’re doing it quick enough. Learn how to do this kind of stroke by throwing an unresponsive yoyo down, when it’s still halfway suddenly pull it back so it doesn’t reach the end of the string. Is it possible? absolutely…
Practice for few hours and we’ll see what new bind you can do…

Thanks. I will try that. Another thing that seems to be helping is the nth finger needs to come level and touch the string coming from the throw had. That little thing is helping it catch more. Maybe it gets the loop in a better position to come around the yoyo? I will try snapping it into bind too. Seems to be a picky trick as to what it will come back for.

When doing this bind there is no need to tug the yoyo down to be consistent you have to make sure the yoyo goes up straight and you don’t make the loop too small. Get those two things down it should be more consistent. If the yoyo goes up and out away from you the loop tends to miss the gap thus no bind.

It is getting a little better now. I also notice that wider gaps have the harder time catching the bind. Practice, practice, practice to get a feel for it. Hope to get it down on command.