I'm sure I'm the 1 millionth newb with a bind question...

I’ve looked around, for as much time as I can spend. I’ve watch endless videos. I’ve probably made several hundred attempts in the past three weeks. I CAN bind, but the next throw is not useable. I’m left with a giant jumble of haywire in the yoyo. I bind from the front and back of the yoyo. Same results each time. I THINK that the return is happening with too much string in my pinch hand, but every time I try to get it to catch lower, it just doesn’t bind. I have soft pads (orange Blueprints) and I double turn on the string.

Is there a world record for throwing a yoyo? If so, I’m about to beat it…

I know you’ve watched a lot of videos about binding, but if you haven’t seen this one, you should. I feel it does a good job of explaining HOW a bind works and WHY it works.

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Other than watching that video @thedash posted, you should just keep practicing. I don’t know what else you can do.

When I get a huge loop like that I find that one of a few things is happening :

  1. My throw wasn’t very string. So the yoyo didn’t have enough energy to really wrap up the string. As I got better at binding this was less of a problem because I fixed the next steps . . .

  2. The bind loop is too big. Try making you bind loop only about 6". Then . . .

  3. Pinch that loop. It’s real easy to miss a bind of you’re not pinching the loop. As you get better this will be less of an issue. After a while a bind just becomes second nature and it just works. But at this stage, you need to be consistent.

Let’s think about a forward throw and it’s bind.

Throw a straight sleeper.

Do a reverse bottom mount making your bind loop. That loop should only be 6 to 8 inches long, not half the string length.

Cross that loop by pulling it towards you. The bind loop is now pointing towards your head while the main part of the string is going straight up.

PINCH THAT LOOP :smiley: But don’t put your finger through the loop. Just pinch it.

Now, pull your throw hand straight up slowly and guide the bind loop down and towards the yoyo. It will bind and pull away form your non throw hand fast. Be ready to release the pinch. The yoyo will probably just pull the string out of the pinch for you.

That action of pulling your hands apart vertically and guiding the bind loop towards the yoyo and down will cause the bind to happen.

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