Need help with off axis/horizontal binds


So im doing off axis and horizontal finger grinds, i can get them to stay for quite a while (i can do it for about 6 seconds on an N12 which has an engraving). But the problem lies with the bind. When i do my throw i do it to the right and let it ufo for like a second then i land it. All good then i go to bind and it wraps around and does nothing. I get the bind 1/10 times i try. Do you reccomend any tutorials other than the one brandon vu posted on yt?


First, make sure the string wraps around enough times to fill the gap, because if you’re not throwing enough string into the gap it wont bind. Second, after you throw it into the gap try tugging at the string like you would in a laceration bind, since it works the same way. That’s all the help I could think of.


Somebody else was having a problem with a bind from a fingerspin, so I made this video.

Now, this is for the UFO bind, which is harder than your normal bind, but it still works.


lol, i wasent tugging at all hahahaha. Thanks


thanks, i might try that. Also i reccomend you learn the unresponsive sidewinder bind. Its pretty much the best solution, with practice you can do it effortlessly and the end of combos, i can vouch i do it all the time!

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Hey man what is the name of your YouTube channel?


What I did to learn the binds was to stand back to the wind, this makes the string float in front of you. This allows you to perfect your fingerspins. After your sure your doing it correctly, just hold your yoyo sideways and practice the motion to bind. Then try doing both at the same time. Hope this helps :wink: