cool grinding tricks

so i have been yoyoing since the end of december i found my old yoyo and fell in love then went and bought a few more haha and well my favorite trick is kwijibo i love all the motions in it and i love grinds i just think its awesome the ways you use parts of ur body i have the thumb grinds thumb grind transfer and arm grinds down is there any other cool spots to grind that people have had successful or some other cool grind tricks?

their are some pretty cool thumb grinds i know of. throw it into a sideways sleeper, pop it up, then put your thumb in the yoyo.

sorry if this doesn’t make sense, im not the best at explaining

it might be a little advanced but you could learn this with a lot of practice.

Definitely my favorite grind trick

i actually was practicing that one today im probably landing it 5/10 times right now its pretty cool,im always stoked when i land it haha

that guy wright trick looks pretty cool its pretty advanced haha

Shoulder grinds

I know I probably didn’t create this but I do a finger grind, then throw the the string over the gap of the yoyo while letting the yoyo slide off your finger and pulling. Kinda bad at describing tricks for the most part but basicly it’s a finger grind to bind style trick i’ve been practicing.

I’d like to see a video of some shoulder grinds haha
And that finger bind grind sounds cool maybe I’ll try that tomorrow!

haha ill try to get one out there If I have time

at 2:44 there’s like 5 cool ones. not too hard but yeah. i believe there is a shoulder grind there too.

Ive been thinking and gonna start practicing too soon how about a nose grind like one on the bridge and one on the tip of your nose ;D

Cool idea, but impossible without a high walled yoyo or longer than average nose unfortunately :frowning:

I’m working on one right now for the last part of a trick I’m making up. It ends with me grinding he yoyo on my left hand which is extended out to the left of my body. Then I let it grind down my arm towards my shoulder, duck my head, and let it go accross the back of my back and down my right arm to my right hand. I’m not very good at it yet but this is gonna be sweet when it’s done.

Here are a couple I like that aren’t too tough to learn.