Alternate Binds?


Hey guys, as the title says, I’m looking for alternate binding techniques.

Right now I bind with the normal “under-trapeze bind” (That may not be what it’s called) but can do Skybind and one where I swing the yoyo passed my body towards the outside of my throw hand, and then catching the yoyo onto the string sometimes pushing the slack of the string into the gap of the yoyo.

Are there any videos around that will explain some more technical or more… ‘out-there’ binds.


There’s always the suicide bind.

And Ilya Shaposhnikov did a nice long vid with a bunch of neat bind tutorials

And then there’s this from sector y



Thanks, Yuki.

The suicide bind has never worked for me, I can suicide with about 90% catch rate. but the bind always catches when the yoyo is just passed my throwhand and just slaps into my knuckles or wrist.

Gunna have to study some of the other binds and see if I can get any of them.


If the suicide bind is catching too soon, the loop might be a bit too big as you’re swinging. It’s a bit of a balancing act getting the loop size just right so you get nice tight binds without bruising your knuckles.



Sky bind and the reverse backspin bind are pretty reliable and cool lookin.


Are you curling your throw hand pointer finger? That may be your problem.


I’m not curling my finger no. I can get it about 2/5 times now, I guess it’s just a practice thing the loop usually slips out of the yoyo without binding. Another problem is the speed that it comes back at it binds about half way around the hand and catches.


Does anyone know the name of, or better yet a tutorial for the bind at 00:15 in that Sector Y video? I understand the movement i think but its kinda hard to tell what mount he starts from.


My most used bind is the backspin bind U can find a tut on High Speed Yoyo Store and they also have about 15 other bind tutorials.


My favorites for now are sideways(clockwise) whip then rotate clockwise to bind, ann connolly bind, slap bind and sky bind.


I just learned this one by Vashek, I think it’s really cool looking!

Edit; while we’re at it, anyone mind telling me how to embed youtube links?  ;D


Best bind ever! I’ve known it for awhile now and I use it all the time!