Binds, Binds and More Binds!

I thought it would be useful to have a list of different bind variations to spice up our Yoyoing.

If you want to help get this going, I’d love any information I can get: Bind names, descriptions, videos, their creators etc. Similarly, if you have any information to add to something already on my list, your help would be greatly appreciated.

The List:

Front Bind

Video by HighSpeedYoYo staring Brett Grimes
Land the YoYo onto the string before pulling the newly formed loop into the YoYo gap.

Dave Bind

Video by HighSpeedYoYo staring Brett Grimes
Description coming soon!

Back Spin Bind

Video by HighSpeedYoYo staring Brett Grimes
Description coming soon!

Back Spin Bind Variation #1

Video by HighSpeedYoYo staring Brett Grimes
Description coming soon!

Azid Bind

Video by youtuber gracianobaby
Description coming soon!

Suicide Bind

Video by rethinkyoyo
Description coming soon!

Sky Bind

Video by rethinkyoyo
Description coming soon!

President’s Bind

Video by SlushyNET staring Vashek Kroutil

Update Log:
6/1/12: Created List, only have a few binds from HighSpeedYoYo up and an other that I found on youtube. Need to get descriptions up, please contribute binds, videos and descriptions if possible.
6/2/12: Added 3 new binds, 2 from rethinkyoyo, and president’s bind by Vashek Kroutil. Thanks Fellavader!


Suicide Bind

This is one of my favorites.

Presidents Bind

Here is another one of my favorites. Little bit tricky at first but watch video and you can get it.

That suicide bind is awesome :slight_smile:

Does anyone know the bind were were u throw a horizontal throw and palm grind then wrapp the string around the yoyo …always wanted learn it

Thanks Fellavader! I really need to have spoiler tabs for this to work without lagging…

the harold owens one? It isn’t really a complicated trick, just hard. throw a horizontal throw, do a couple of banana turnovers, land a palm grind while the yoyo is still horizontal, wrap one layer of string around the gap with your throw hand, pull.

There’s one I call the “Laceration bind” which goes like this:

(There’s also what I call a “Braintwister bind” which is simply the front bind with a little extra flair…done after Boing-Boing…also bonus trick Boing-Boing and Kwijibo)
Description: Throw sidestyle/breakaway, then make a laceration-type move but don’t catch the string with your NTH. If done right, the string should wrap under the yoyo and snag, causing the yoyo to return. This is great if you’re throwing 1-handed or if you’re doing 3A.

There’s also the plastic whip binds and the Laceration Backspin bind which is completely different than what I explained.

I thought that was called one handed bind

no, its laceration bind.

I hear people calling it one handed but idk

Generally speaking it is technically a 1-handed bind but this particular variation of it I like to call the Laceration Bind since a laceration is starting to happen but wraps around the axle instead of me catching that loop that’s forming.

Other 1-handed binds would be the plastic whip binds that we’ve seen.

I’m working on a 1.5 mount bind that seems to happen from a failed revolution…going to try replicating it and see about cleaning it up a bit. I’m sure it’s probably been done before but since I’ve never seen it, I want to figure this one out on my own.

I do the laceration bind a lot. I also do one that’s really hard to explain without a video.

I thought it was an Ann’s bind ???

Does anyone know a few one handed binds?