need help before i injure myself

Does anyone know how to do the last 2 tricks on this video? Or least know the name of the bind at the end?

I asked the person if he could make tutorials, but he declined stating one was common yet I’ve never seen a tutorial on a 1.5 mount branding move. Seen lots of branding moves but not explained well. The bind is what concerns me. I keep trying and trying to whip the string into my wrist while crossing arm and ive almost thrown out my shoulder. Seriously it hurts bad. Original guy said its a hidemasa hook but on the wrist. So i did a hidemasa hook on my wrist. Guess what happened? It hooked. And made a hook around my wrist. Tried to slip it off and it gripped causing the string to almost slit my wrist. Apparently this guy (who is on these forums) thinks its funny to get people to hurt themselves. Well maybe NOT but that is how i feel. I really like this trick and can get to the last two parts just fine. Would just like it if someone would be NICE enough to explain or make a video of the 2 ( where the yoyo isn’t out of camera view.) Name of bind would be nice to in case their are other videos.

Well i got the branding down today. Still no idea on the bind. ???

He is actually on the forums for the record.

I find it a bit rude of you to be accusing him of wanting to get people hurt, not very professional response I have to say.

As for the bind, his explanation is perfectly accurate, as the bind is literally a hidemasa hook where all string land on-top of the wrist and the yoyo falls into the strings. Its a simple concept to understand, but it is difficult to get when learning.

Keep practicing, it will start to “click” eventually.


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Yes i know he is on the forums i mentioned that and right after i stated that statement about hurting people i also said, “maybe not, its just how i feel”. i felt mad that he didn’t properly answer my question like its some kind of big secret. I know he didn’t mean for me to get hurt but rather unintentionally set me up to do so. Thats what i meant. I mean common, i threw out my arm trying to do this trick and its funny you came in to correct me and yet you still didn’t answer it either. There is no way in gods green earth its a hidemasa hook. The loop goes under the wrist and then the wrist crosses the single string thats connected to the yoyo it straightens everything out, but if the loop under the wrist latches the yoyo it snags and rips the strings around my wrist like a noose. If both stings fall into the gap then they just fall back out as the string just gets pulled out. If you know how to do it. Then make a vid. Its not as easy as you say and no one will show or say how the mechanics of this really works. Im not the only one in my group trying to figure this out. Not tryng to be unprofessional, i was just angry and still am sort of, just would like to know how to do it. Sorry for asking. Thought thats what this website was for. I may have when about it the wrong way and it may have come off as rude but so was he. Asked him to help and he blew me off. That tends to make people angry. I apologize if it came out wrong. About the hurting people.