How to do the "Houdini Bind"

This is a new Bind I have discovered.

IMPORTANT: The bind works better if done from a sleeper, NOT a breakaway.

Step 1: Throw a sleeper

Step 2: Go into a Houdini Mount [Houdini mount tutorial:]

Step 3: Instead of dropping your non throwhand thumb AND throwhand pointer, ONLY drop your throwhand pointer.

Step 4:Do a ferris wheel dismount while holding your non-throwhand humb pinning the sting against the flabby part of your hand.

Step 5: Let go of your thumb

Step 6: Bind!

OPTIONAL: If yoyo is extremely unresponsive, have the loop go over the string, then bind.

You don’t need to get into a houdini mount. Plus, if I understand your instructions correctly, all it is is a front style bind that you took an extra step to get to.

To do this exact trick, you HAVE to. Second you CAN do a front bind, but that isn’t as flashy.

This trick also looks cool if you let it spin off and trow the bind at the yoyo. That looks REALLY cool.


No need to bump, and can’t you just do this bind from a trapeze? It seems better to do it from a trapeze because a lot of tricks end in a trapeze.