How do I dismount with an unresponsive throw?


Pretty new to this whole thing. I picked up a Duncan Torque on the sales reps recommendation yesterday at Downtown Disney after using a cheap 2$ no brand for a few weeks.

I am working my way through all of the intermediate tricks however my issue is that once I finish the trick, I don’t know how to elegantly dismount and get the yoyo back to my hand. I always find myself doing the trick, letting the yoyo drop all the way down, then doing a basic bind to get it back.

Any advice would be great!

one of the best ways i know for side throws is to land the yoyo in a trapeze mount then swing the yoyo over your nth index finger while keeping the string pinched to that finger with your middle finger and let the yoyo hit the bottom of the string going back over the middle finger in a kinda over under mount then tdrop the string not directly attached to the yoyo and bind as usual.

The best way to really learn how to combo in a bind is to watch tons of other yoyoers and see how they get the job done, then just mess around and see what suits you best.

ps. nth mean non throw hand

Also nothing too wrong with dismounting then binding. Especially not in the early stages! If you enjoy the trick and then you can get it back to your hand, you’re doing fine. :slight_smile:

learn the laceration slap bind. its not hard

hangs head I don’t know the laceration slap bind. Not from sidestyle, anyhow. Unless it results in a “false bind” in which case I loathessss it and would never do it on purpose!

Guy Wright bind, regen into front spin, then laceration bind (with or without slap)… that I can handle. Haha!

You just wait for the loop with your nth, and slap it into the gap when it arrives above the yoyo.
The concept is even simpler than stuff like hook and b stole. The loop only goes half cycle.

I’m missing how you’re able to hit both parts of the loop back into the gap. I would just hit the laceration back where it came from, which isn’t going to result in a bind! Or from another perspective-- the segment coming directly from your finger would need to be OVER the gap, wouldn’t it? In a laceration it’s under the gap.

I cant say I understood exactly what you meant lol
You made me realize that I v forgotten wat a ‘laceration’ originally was. After checking that, I suppose you can draw the string closer to you, so instead of getting it right into the gap from under the yoyo, let it whip between you and the yoyo freely for another quarter circle until ur nth reaches it.

Just like how you dont throw the loop under the yoyo during a basic hook.
During the whip the 2 segments of the loop do not need to be in the same vertical plane either, as long as you can catch both with your palm.

Can’t say I understood exactly what you meant here, either. Haha! Draw the string closer to you?

Check these binds out.
I would just try for the first one he does starting out. From a trapeze you dismount the yo-yo then remount it onto the string from underneath then bind. It’s much smoother than letting the yo-yo drop all the way down.

Yep this link is pretty useful. I would recommend learning the Trapeze and His Brother, which ends up in a mount. Then, you drop the string on your left hand, ending with string on your right hand. You swing the yoyo to your right, and then you release the string on your right hand, causing the yoyo to bind.

Happy yoyoing!

Kadabrium, I got some slap binds going on! What became clear when I started trying it again (thanks to your mention) is that you MISS the laceration. I miss it to the inside (between me and the yoyo). Then the loop is to the non-throwhand side and the segment from your finger is above the yoyo. slap the loop down or sideways (sort of both) towards the gap and if you hit the gap, it’s a bind.

I’m still working on consistency, so I don’t know that I’d call this one an “easy” or beginner-level bind. It takes some basic skills that a new player won’t necessarily have. But it’s not un-possible either for a determined beginner.

The part I’m short on for consistency is getting both sides of the “U” of the slack to be close enough together that it’s easy to guide them both into the gap at the same time. It’s the one time for a slack trick that you don’t want a nice open loop. :wink:

I also have a tendency to not close my fingers together, so I get gunked up in the string from time to time!

But I’m doing it…

GregP, can you please do a little vid once you get this down? I feel a little lost lol

bro, don’t learn the slap bind, it’s ridiculously hard! If you want just a good, easy bind without dropping, first learn to dismount from the mounts you are in, then, while in a trapeze, swing the yoyo off the string, but let the string drape over your thumb or middle finger (middle finger is better in the long run). After, using the momentum from the swing, let it hit the top string and let the string go in the gap. Then, you’re in a front mount! you can bind after. (you’ll use this a lot)!

Ask and ye shall receive. Sorry about the focus. I tried to focus… not sure what went wrong. But it’s a simple enough trick bind that this should still work, I think:

I don’t think I ever used this one >_< . It IS a common and reliable bind, though.