Trapeze dismount problems

have been doing this trick for sometime, can land it every time but when it comes to the dismount when i bring my hands together to flip it into the air it does not come back to my hand any ideas? i’m using a Dark Magic. Thanks

Learn to Bind!

You need to have a responsive yoyo, or a tight gap. Sometimes, he might bind up in the air like some do. When you throw it up, tug down. It will hopefully wind up. (Not hit somebody in the face) :wink:

It really isn’t that big a deal,you don’t need to learn the dismount,if you really want to,try double looping the string around your bearing.

blah blah blah comma space blah blah blah. Just saying you should hit the space button after commas. It gets annoying.

If you are using a Dark Magic then you can’t do the flyaway dismount (I think that’s what it’s called) because it is too unresponsive. You’ll just need to learn to bind.

Yeah that happened to me to, I found no way else rather than binding so, binding is stylish too if you’d like to call it that way :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guy’s. I can do a basic bind if let’s say i do a trick that goes wrong and need to get the yoyo back to my hand. So do i need to learn a few and do them several times before a do a trick? so does binding make the yoyo more responsive? sorry for being thick!!

No, binding doesn’t make the yoyo responsive, it just gets it back to your hand. I have to admit, flyaway dismounts are fun, and if you want, you can thick lube your yoyo and make it responsive.

so are you able to do the fly away dismount using a Dark Magic doing the trapeze?

You can, but you need to thick lube your yoyo. This will make it responsive, and you can do it.

From Yoyoexpert:

Addment: Flyaway dismounts are really fun. Probably why I pick up a Stealth Fire now and then.

For me, when using my meteor, i don’t usually do normal binds if the spin is moderate. If its a very strong spin, i do normal binds, otherwise, i almost always do binds like 1:08, 1:42 and 2:25 in this video, the Upwards-Mickey Backspin bind. I just think it looks cooler and feels nicer when doing the bind, and its more entertaining. If you need a tut for it, i can make one  ;D

Well when I read this message only one time did I see one good post that wasn’t telling him to use anything on the bearing on it or learn a bind. And that post was from GM user.

this is an inexpensive way to make your yo yo more responsive without doing much to it. Double looping is basically putting the loop around the axle 2 times. To do this spin your yoyo counter-clockwise until you can get your fingers in the loop. next open up the loop wide and twist it clockwise 180 degrease.Now just put this “second loop” around one half of the yo yo. Thats the best way to make it more responsive. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Thanks, that’s amazing i’ve never seen anything like that before!! any help would be fantastic! The reason why i asked about the dismount is because i saw andre Boulay on you tube doing this dismount on the trapeze and it looks really cool, and i think he was using a Dark Magic. So would he be doing anything different like lube etc or is it just pure skill?

A tut would be nice for that Pheenix  ;D thanks!

I never said anything about a tut for that, Rsmod did. But I don’t think it’s much more than a backspin bind that you toss up.

sorry pheenix :frowning: but yeah it aint that hard lol