Dark Magic beginner question

Hey I just got my Dark Magic in the mail, I am a beginner yoyo’er but know a few simple tricks, however I have not been able to make my dark magic come back up out of the sleeper no matter what I do…Please help???

Throw harder, or learn binding.



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Thank you, any tips for getting better at the bind I can trapeze the yoyo fine but when i pull the loop across it doesnt wanna catch often

try to pinch the loop first then do a big bind

This is the single best binding video I’ve seen.  Thanks again TheOrganizer.



check out the guide that i wrote:

plenty of videos also has inks to my hand starting guide and string tension guide also for beginners

Next question, haha, the guy in all the tutorial videos is an awesome yoyoer but he always seems to be able to return his yoyo without even binding it. He can do the gravity pull which seems impossible on my yoyo. Is this from thick lube on the bearing or from practice??

Andre seems to keep his yo-yo semi-responsive most of the time if I remember correctly. I don’t recommend that whilst learning, but he’s Andre. He can do what he wants, lol.

It’s either thick lube, a really grippy response system, or an axle bind (a slip knot around the bearing.) If you have an unresponsive yoyo, you can’t just pull it, no matter how much you practice.

I sorta disagree… if you do a laceration you could bind… and if you can somehow flick a little loop of string around the bearing, then, theoretically, you can bind it by pulling. Hehe…

But anyways, you can try to use silicone on the yoyo to make it be pullable. (Rip out o-ring, then put in silicone, but have it flow out a bit. Or thick lube your bearing, or make a larks head knot. ( Pull the string through the end of the string, the end with a hole, and that should give you a loop. Put that around your yoyo and throw!!!)

I received my DM today! Yay! \o/

But, I’m now in the same boat… The yo-yo came completely unresponsive out of the box, which is great, since I ordered my DM to try playing with an unresponsive yo-yo. I’ve been practicing binds on my other yo-yos, and of course they always work on a responsive yo-yo.

On the DM, though, I can get it into an over mount (which is ridiculously easy on the DM, compared to my other yo-yos. I feel like I’m cheating. ;D ) I can then take the loop and bring it around, all the way under the yo-yo, and I can feel and hear it start to bind. But it never seems to want to come back.

I tried a double-loop over the bearing, to see if it helped, and it sort of does. But the best I can do, even with it that way, is for the yo-yo to start up the string about 2-3 inches, then the string unwinds and it goes back to sleep. I’m guessing it’s my lack of technique, but since it seems to start to bind, then fails after starting to wind, I wanted to ask and see if maybe I need to adjust something.

Otherwise, I can’t believe how great this yo-yo works. I can’t get it back yet, but EVERYTHING else seems so much more effortless compared to my SB2. The fact that I don’t have to hit a 3mm gap in order to land it on the string made eveything seem effortless. :wink:

Well, back to practicing binds, I guess…


Hmm, replying to myself. But I just tried something…

If I hand wind the yo yo, I have to do NINE tight loops around the axle before it’s tight enough to prevent me from just pulling the string off. Is that normal? If I do 7 loops, I can pull the string out from the stationary yo-yo with little more tug than the weight of the yo-yo.

I understand I’m supposed to be able to adjust the gap width, but the yo-yo seems pretty dang tight already, and I don’t want to break anything by over-tightening.


yeah, its pretty normal. The bearing makes it very “slippery”.

Thanks… I seem to have figured it out. I need to “throw” more string in for it to bind. I’m amazed at how much string I have to have in the loop, but I’m beginning to get it pretty consistently.

Still clueless on the trapeze bind… But I’ll get there.

One other thing that seemed to help was to switch to some 100% poly strings… I don’t know if they grab better than the string that came on the yo yo or what, but it seemed to help. Maybe I just figured out the bind at the same time I put the other string on. I don’t know…

Amazingly, especially since today is my first time with an unresponsive yo yo, I’ve been able to land a few plastic whips! :o I keep landing it backward, but I’ll work on that. From a few botched tries on plastic whip, I’ve discovered that if I let the loop come off my thumb and just “whip” the slack loop into the gap on one side (so it doesn’t go over half of the yo-yo), it binds up and returns nicely… I think I’m going to like unresponsive play. ;D


bind…I was kind of lost too when i got my dark magic…i was a beginner then and did’nt know what a bind was…hahaha ;D

doesn’t really matter how many loops it takes you to wind it and again to signal check out my binding guide lotsa vids explaining different binds with a deifferent perspective

when you bind try making a bigger loop 2
or try fake binds easier and doesn’t snag IMO:
just land in over mount and onstead of threading the loop into the gap. raise the loop up and then bring it back down close to the yoyo. yoyo will catch.
(also in my guide)

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Thanks YoYoBlaze. I was actually using your binding guide, but had ABSOLUTELY ZERO experience with it. Not knowing how the yo-yo is supposed to be setup, I wanted to make sure I didn’t have it set up funky before I wasted a ton of time on it.

The problem was that I wasn’t using a big enough loop, but I think I got that figured out. What had me confused was that it would seem to start to bind, then fail miserably. I suspect I was only getting enough string in the gap to barely touch the o-ring. Using more string in the loop made it work.

Now that I have that bind down, it’s time to move on to the other ones… Man, there’s a lot of work ahead. :slight_smile:


Yeah it is a lot of work, Kevin, but now you get to do the really fun stuff.