Dark Magic beginner question

Binding is best but friction stickers or thick lube would help alot

True, but I already have a drawer full of responsive yo-yos. (All purchased before there was any other kind. LOL) But I bought the DM, specifically to learn how to play with an unresponsive yo-yo.

Although, I’m not having quite as much fun as I was, anymore… My last 2 days of yo-yo have been pretty much this:

  1. Throw a sleeper
  2. Bind to get it back
  3. Throw a trapeze
  4. Try to bind, and if unsuccessful:
    4a) Wind up the yo-yo
  5. Go to step 1

I’ve just been trying to get binding from those two throws down so they are second nature… But, I sure miss working on actual tricks. :wink: I think I’ll remove steps 1 and 2 from the practice routine today. I can do that bind pretty well now. (Just not as smoothly as I’d like.)


Well, I would imagine that you are having a lot of trouble binding from trapeze. The reason is because when you throw a breakaway, the yo-yo is spinning the wrong way for it to bind properly.

From a sleeper throw, you can “go into trapeze” and then bind and it will work wonderfully because the sleeper throw is spinning the right way. Watch the binding video again to see how to bind from trapeze.

Thanks JM… I can bind from a sleeper just fine, now.

The problem is, that half or more of the tricks begin with a trapeze, and I’m getting dizzy from turning around the yo-yo, so that I can do a front-style bind with it. I’m trying to figure out how to get the yo-yo back when I do something that starts with a breakaway and ends in a trapeze (or something like it.) I understand I need to be able to land a reverse trapeze to do it “properly” so it has the least chance of snagging on the next throw, but I can’t really do that very well yet. (When I actually pull it off, I look hilarious… Need practice.)

Anyway, I think i just figured out how to do that thing where you take the loop from trapeze and wrap it around the yo-yo, then tug to bring it back, and it’s working pretty well. Might not be the best way, but it gets me somewhere, and now I can return the yo-yo from either sleeper or trapeze without dancing around too much. Now, after a few hours of practice to get smoother, I should be able to go back to learning tricks.


Take this advice with a grain of salt - since it is coming from another relative beginner :slight_smile: After throwing a trapeze, I take the loop and bring it up over the yoyo and throw it back toward the lower side of the yoyo as I pull on it with my throw hand. (At least I think that is how it goes - trying to visualize it without having the yoyo in my hand while at my computer.) This seem to help a little.

Thank you iafencer, that is exactly what I’ve finally gotten to work. I was doing it wrong before. But, I finally got it figured out and can make it happen pretty frequently now. All I need is a little more practice until I can make it happen every time.

I’m pretty sure I was fake-binding from a sleeper up until now. I finally got the hang of pulling with my throw hand while it’s still looped on my non-throw hand, then getting my finger out of there when the yo-yo starts to take up the loop. Before, I always had to take my finger out of the loop and pinch the string together to make it work. Once I got the hang of (for lack of a better description) “pulling” the yo-yo to my non throw hand with my throw hand, and eliminating the pinch, I was better equipped to do the loop bind from a trapeze. Still can’t get it consistently, but that’s what practice is for. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it consistently in a couple of days.

Now if I could only land that reverse trapeze… I still don’t have the coordination in my non-throw hand to get the pinwheel to work going from trapeze to reverse trapeze. I’ve been watching the slow-mo videos of Ibanezcollector doing it, and I just can’t figure out how he gets his index finger from one side of the string to the other to do the loop. I sure don’t seem to have the coordination to do it. It happens so fast and there’s so little time…

I guess I just need practice, practice, practice…


Or you can just go into a braintwister mount??? not sure if that’s right, but it’s the undermount. And just bind as though you were doing it from a trapeze. That’s what I did before I can land the other ones.

Yeah, I can’t land that one everytime yet either. And when I do it slips out about half the time ??? Check out this video http://www.nationalyoyo.org/videos/league/2006S1-15-elihop.mpg . It is a video of Eli Hops, but at the end when he dismounts, he switches from the trapeze mount to the reverse trapeze. If you slow it down you can see how he switches the string from his index finger to the next finger.

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