Bind vids or tips?

Hey guys, I am using a dark magic and don’t really need to bind but I recognize that it is good to learn it if I ever get an unresponsive yoyo I will need to know. So does anyone have any tips or tut vids besides the ones on here. Particularly binds from trapeze.

All the ones I can find.  Hope these help!


Here try this mini-Guide I wrote.  Has many videos in it that are sure to help you with any problem.  It also has links to other guides if you’re having trouble with something else.

Here’s one tip. When you get to a trapeze don’t make the loop too big or when you bind you will get a axle knot and have to fix that. When you get a trapeze make the loop a medium size or small. When you snap your hand down with the loop (non throw hand) snap it down hard and pull your throw hand wrist up. If you follow the steps you should do a good bind. :wink:


Here are a vid that might help