im having some trouble with binding. any advice?

I had a lot of trouble with binding at first. It took me some time to feel confident with it. If I were you, I would bind with a yoyo that is a bit responsive at first to give yourself practice and confidence. Also, run your finger down the string, and watch your finger.

I’ll tell you how I often do binds. In the under mount you do for a bind, make the loop about half as tall at the string from your finger. Then use your thumb to hold the string going to the yoyo. Hold that string with your non-throwhand index and thumb and then pull up with your throwhand. The string going to the yoyo is forced to wrap around and makes the rest of the loop easier to bind with. You only need to have it wrap around the bearing once, if that. Ask if you want a video/diagram/pics.

There are many different ways to bind though. There’s the front bind, which is thought here:

I do a bind return that I have no idea what it is. I think someone did it before, but I never saw it, and “made” it. Just go into a trapeze, and swing your yoyo counter-clockwise before you. Like a suicide, except the string goes in front of your hands and you don’t let go. Then the strings should be twisted weirdly, just bind that and it comes up nice an pretty.

Here is it.

Which one?

I prefer binds from the side and my favorite is simple. Do a cross arm trapeze,
( )

Then cross your arms back over and release with your non throwhand. Be warned, this somtimes makes a very tight bind and you might have to give the yoyo a few gentle throws. Theses arnt knots, the string is just very tight in the gap.

Good luck!

thanks! i finally got it a couple of hours ago :slight_smile: