Hello, I am having trouble with binding in general. Can anyone offer any advice or certain ways of trying it to make it easier to do or understand.

Are you binding the right direction? Let’s say you throw a trapeze. Do you just bind out of that, or do you spin the yoyo around your middle finger on your non-throw hand and under into the string for the opposite effect? Try the second method. Sorry, I don’t really know a lot of the terms for the mounts involved. Watch the learn video about it.

Hands-down the easiest way to get started is to use frontstyle bind. If your tricks are coming from a breakaway (sidestyle), all you have to do is turn your body and do the frontstyle bind anyhow. The goal is to get it back to your hand for now!

Dave doesn’t have the most “glamorous” videos, but he’s the MAN… this video is the one that made me understand how binds work when I was first starting out, and put all other videos to shame (some of those other videos talk about “dropping” or “throwing” the tail/loop, which is bull puckey):


Also, when binding, don’t just let the string slide on your finger to try and bind. Try pinching the string with your nth while pulling up with you th. That will allow the response to grab the string a lot easier and allow for a tighter bind.

Let us know how things go and keep us updated!