Binding? Easier from trapeze or is there a better/easier way?

I would like to learn the bind. What is the easiest way to start. I still cannot get the trapeze done correctly. Can I do a bind without learning the trapeze?

It would be much easier to learn the bind if you got the trapeze down but you canm learn it without knowing how to do a trapeze. Just watch vids and you should get it down.

At this point, you should focus on getting Trapeze and other intermediate tricks down before learning to bind. It isn’t really necessary yet, that is, unless you have an unresponsive yo-yo right now.

He has a DM

Dark Magics come responsive.

Not always.

Oh, yeah. Sorry. I also didn’t realize that he was the same person that made the post earlier about going from Imperial to Dark Magic.

The easiest way to bind would be from a BrainTwister mount.

Or you can manually get into a trapeze. Just hold the yoyo up, then put the string into the gap, as if you would do a braintwister mount, but do it backwards so you are in a trapeze.

Binding from an over-mount makes a lot more sense than a braintwister mount. (It’s nearly the same, just over the front of the yoyo, instead of the back.) A braintwister bind goes against the spin of the yoyo, and causes a lot of slack+knot-age. There’s a lot of great binding tutorials out there. Just look on youtube :]

No, when it goes against the spin, it binds better. When it goes with the spin, it gets knottage. Just clearing up, not trying to sound rude.

But adding on to that, not always. If you are doing a breakaway (trapeze) throw, undermounts will give better binds. If you are doing sleeper throws, trapeze binds will do it better.

Here is a vid on binds. Try out the first bind he teaches.

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Thanks, great info.