Binding in a trapeze?

Unless I’m mistaken I should be able to bind while I’m in a trapeze. I have a YYF Tactic, it’s unresponsive. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I watched the video on this site so…

You can, you might need to put an extra wrap around it.
It is far easier to bind it by popping it off the string and under into a sort of sideways braintwister.
Easier as in it grabs better, not easier to perform.

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do and under or backwards trapeze

well one of the problems might be pad response when i use a pad response yoyo that bind does not work very well, also it might be you just aren’t putting enough force into the motion

You can do it, it just takes more practice. Much easier to just dismount into a reverse trapeze like they said and bind from there. Much much easier and efficient to do it from there.

I do both, depending on which way the yo-yo is spinning.Like if a start with a breakaway, then ill probably bind from a trapeze.If I start with a regular throw, then I bind from the reverse trapeze.

You can bind from a braintwister mount when you throw a breakaway, or backwards trapeze. When you throw a sleeper you can perform a regular bind and you’ll be good to go. :wink:

What would you consider regular?

I think he means from a frontside mount.

yea maybe