Hello yo-yo-ers! :smiley: Im new to the whole yo-yo thing, i purchased a Dark Magic yo-yo thinking that i would be able to get on with it, but im having a little trouble, i can do all the tricks up to The Flying Trapeze, sometimes when i swing my yo-yo onto the string it never ever stays on there for more than 2 seconds what am i doing wrong?

Also, My yo-yo isnt responsive, is there anyway i can make it responsive so i can actually “Yo-Yo” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome to yoyoing and the forum! Hope you like it here! :wink:

The Dark Magic, as well as many other yoyos made today are made to be unresponsive, meaning that they require a “bind” to return them.

The reason it falls off is because the strings are rubbing the side of the yoyo. You need to keep everything in the same plane; you need to keep everything in a straight line.

Thanks for the awesome Welcome :slight_smile:

Well i was just practicing it again, and i realized that i wasn’t slacking the string that it lands on, so i was asking it to fall off, i just did a sucessful D OR N :))))))))))


when you do trapze i would say you need a realy strong breakaway and you realy dont need to make yoyo responseve just learn how to bind if you want to lean go to this sight

You can make it responsive if that’s how you prefer it. You need a thicker oil for the bearing. That will help a lot. And the DM has an adjustable gap so make sure you adjust it all the way in. Another thing to try would be to do a double wrap with the string around the bearing.

Do all of that and you should be “yo-yoing”.

Get some thick lube and get the guys at the shop to lube your bearing for you. It should be responsive enough. However, I recommend you to buy a Sunset Trajectory NXG for looping play and beginner play. If you are rich, get a Dif-E-Yo konkave bearing for your DM, so that the string will not be at the side of the yoyo. Also, make sure that you tighten the yoyo. But of course, don’t overtighten.

Don’t try double looping your yoyo. Don’t ever do that. Your bearing will rust faster. Take out the string whenever you don’t play.

Don’t try double looping? What is this nonsense? If you want to play responsive, double wrapping the bearing will help. It won’t help rust your bearing any faster, not sure where you heard that.

How would double wrapping a bearing make it rust? Same question with keeping your string in when you don’'t play… was that a joke? or just really bad advice?

Actually, some people do think that if you keep your yoyo with the string on, it’ll rust the bearing faster. The logic behind this is that you get sweat and it gets picked up in the string (usually with cotton string) so then it gets on the bearing.

It makes sense, but if rarely, if ever, happens.

just a side conversation Apetrink or Brian or 011101010 etc, what do all those numbers mean

Its binary code for Brian, he ran it through a translator…
Why should he get a kon-kave? it will make it less responsive :P…

Actually I know some binary so I just typed it.

The bearing will rust if your hands are dirty and you play, then leave the string on. Or its just because I live near the beach.

But I find they hardly ever rust if I leave the string off.

As for making the Dark Magic responsive, get thick lube, or 3-in-1 oil if you can find it, or just double wrap. Here is a picture on what a double wrap exacly is

When i try to do trapeze it cuts down on spin time and i almost never make it on the string.

So your like a computer?

i guessed that too but i just thought there was some other meaning to it

i translated it and it said ¥>

Your dark magic is fine how it is. Just throw throw throw and that throw will become stronger and straighter everyday. Learn every different bind you can find and in a few months you won’t believe how far you’ve come. Promise