Yoyo slows down too much on the string :(

Hello everyone, well i have a little problem…i tried to do the brain twister and hum…its just impossible, my yo-yo slows down way too much when its on the strings…im using the string that came with the yo-yo, maybe its that? my yo-yo is a Dark Magic II and im not using the speed bearings cuz i cant bind right now…but im supposed to be able to do some strings trick with the Bearing that comes with it…my first idea is that the string is the problem…

The string it came with is fine.

More than likely your throw is not straight and you are not keeping everything in the same plane when you throw. In all but special cases that do not apply here, imagine that the whole trick from throw through the moves takes place in a pane of glass. That is what I mean by keeping it all in the same plane.

Also, if you lube the speed bearing a bit you do not need to bind. It will be responsive. There’s nothing wrong with responsive… :wink:

I just finished working on my bind before I went down the Intermediate tricks direction. I’m gonna work on string tension next.

But, I had the same issue. The problem is you. It just needs more practice. When you are using the responsive bearing, you have to be dead on. Note how Andre stressed pulling the yoyo in front of your face. This was to ensure you got those strings front/back to each other as direct as possible with as little offset as possible.

Combine this with a really straight and flat throw is what you need to get this done. It is possible that you’re not throwing hard enough to complete the trick as well. I sometimes have problems with that myself.

practice your throw. just keep practicing it. throw, bring it back up. throw, bring it back up, rinse and repeat. the dm2’s stock string is either 50/50 or polyester (I don’t remember which) but both are good.


This video address many of your concerns. Check it out.

hmm, i feel like its in the center…maybe im wrong lol…ima practice some more and try if theres a difference with the new strings ill have soon…and btw the string that came with my yo-yo is a 100% cottons, not 50/50

I think i have found my problem…my sleeper are never straight…sometimes they look like they are straight…but after a few second start to lean towards a side a little bit, and the strings start to slow it down already…i have tried many different way to throw…nothing works…its been 3 days already and i just cant do a damn good sleeper…im only able to do straight sleeper with the Wider and faster Bearing…but its not responsive at all and i dont wanna practice doing bind already, and a lot of yo-yo video i see people can get their yo-yo back without doing a bind and they are doing lots of tricks and have long sleep time…whats the secret O_o…meh if only i had someone in real life teaching me…would be a lot easier…i dont even know if im doing a mistake in my throws or w/e lol

3 days isn’t that long of a time. It can take a while longer to get your throw down good. Just keep practising.

3 days? I took 2 weeks to get it decent and usable, but still not perfect. I still work on it every day that I practice. My first few throws are always off. After that, it improves the rest of the time, each one getting a little bit better.

It sounds silly. And I’m a newbie. A good throw makes all the difference. It all starts with the throw.

Either you saw a really old video, they are using a responsive setup, or they are doing fancy binds, such as sky bind or laceration bind. 3days of throwing ain’t much. As soon as I got my dm, I tossed the responsive bearing. I taught my friends without using responsive play. It seemed to help em in the long run

I found all-unresponsive play boring, not being able to just tug and HOP in my hand is annoying…im looking for something between…unresponsive enough to do some string tricks, but that i can also tug to get it to my hand…just like the tutorial videos…i dont feel like im playing with a Yo-Yo if it doesnt come back to my hand with a tug, having to manually bind it sounds weird to me

If you watch the videos, he actually changes how the yoyo is configured, but he just doesn’t flat out say so.

He started with the responsive bearing and some thick lube for beginner. He had to.
Then he moved to thin lube on the responsive bearing.
Then he definitely moved to the unresponsive bearing.

Here’s what I suggest, because it’s something I’m gonna do.

I want a yoyo set up to super responsive. Responsive bearing, thick lube. Probably set my ONE up this way later on.
I’ll want a yoyo set up medium responsive, so responsive bearing and thin lube. Not sure what I’ll use to be set up this way, but it’s not a priority right now. This how my ONE is now though.
Then one set up full unresponsive. That’s my Dark Magic II for now. I just learned my bind, I’m feeling on top of the world. I still suck, but now I feel I’m gonna not suck as much soon!

You can’t get it ALL in one package. You gotta make some changes or compromises to get what you want, but you can’t have it all at once.

When you get better and more experienced, the bind isn’t that hard.

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there’s not really something in between. You can do most string tricks with a responsive yoyo. I can do just about everything I can do with an unresponsive yoyo with my journey. Of course I can’t do things like ninja vanish or plastic whip, but it’s still fine for everything else.


Watch what way the yoyo tips. My guess is that it tips mostly to the same side. On the next throw twist your wrist very slightly in the opposite direction and see if that corrects it, or maybe it now tips the other way. Adjust the wrist twist until it’s straight. Then practice until you have it. It will take some time to develop the feel for it.

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Thx ima try to see wich way it tend to lean the most and try that!
Also…in the video tutorial of Split the atom, what is he using? Responsive bearing or not, and what kind of lube? cuz right now, thats how i want my Yo-Yo to be, a little bit between like in his video

It’s just waaay easier to learn string tricks with a non-responsive yoyo. I learned brain twister on a turbo bumble bee, but I couldn’t really do much more than split the atom without it returning on me. Whatever the yoyo, it takes a lot of practice, and no matter what you’ll get better eventually. Remember to throw your yoyo hard to get a good sleeper.

in the early tutorials, he is using a think lubed dark magic one. later on, its full unresponsive dark magic one. he ALWAYS uses the dark magic one in 1a tutorials (one sleeper yoyo)

Thick Lube with the Speed Bearing??

I think he started with thick lube on thin/half spec bearing. No way I can do pop the clutch using my DM2 and thin lube on a half spec bearing. Can’t tug enough with my throw arm.
Then thin lube on half spec in intermediate but on half spec bearing.

Starting at binding and going forward, thin lube on speed bearing for full non-responsive play.

The thing is, as the maintenance video says, the thin lube will break down the thick lube.

the dm1 didnt have a slim bearing. it only came with speed bearing. im not sure if N sized bearings existed and were used in yoyoing… (correct me if im wrong)

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