How to sleep YYJ DM2 for longer?


Just got this yoyo, and i’m fairly new to yoyoing in general. Anyone got any tips for sleeping this yoyo for longer? Is it my technique? I’m currently trying to do tricks like brain twister and double or nothing, so really beginner stuff. However halfway through the trick my yoyo slows down and spins to a stop. I also have problems with throwing the yoyo straight enough. You experienced guys are probably laughing at me right now, but I’d really appreciate some tips. Thanks!


1- Get a stronger throw. Stronger and straighter throw helps.
2- And String Centering Bearing will help. such as a KK or Center Trac.


Thanks for that. Would the string have anything to do with it? At the moment im using the standard string which came with my yoyo. When doing the brain twister mount the yoyo just slows down really fast and dies on the string. Is that the yoyo or me :S?


Probably you…

Are you using the Full Sized bearing or Slim bearing?


I’m using the standard bearing that shipped in the yoyo. The responsive one, not sure if its the full sized one.


Just a learning curve of keeping the strings straight in the gap along with strong straight sleeper throw. Return the yoyo every time the original throw isn’t perfect before trying the trick. Take notice to how you’re throwing it when the throw isn’t perfect and try to correct it by tilting your wrist to compensate for the errand throw.


To get your throw straight, I recommend standing parallel to a wall. Then, you try to line up your throw to be straight. It really helps, and is a good habit to get down in your earlier stages of throwing.


If you’re using the responsive bearing then it’s probably do to the gap being small, causing friction. (Thusly slowing the yoyo)

It could also have to do with throw strength and/or throw straightness. Throw strength has to do with how hard you throw. While throw straightness has to do with it being level. That’s what will probably help with your slowing yo the most :slight_smile:


Ah, so it seems it’s my throw strength and straightness that is the issue. Thanks for your help guys! I will try the techniques mentioned :slight_smile:


You can try to do “backflip” if you know how to do the trapeze. I think that’s a lot easier and it’s almost the same that brain twister.


1: Work on improving your throw.

2: Consider moving to the unresponsive bearing and learn your bind. It’s not completely needed, but even for me, I can’t do these without an unresponsive yoyo. Well, I can do brain twister no problem now.

That’s really it. Practice, get better. It takes time and effort. You seem to be willing to do both those things, so the rest is just waiting for the results.


Not the string, but your technique. And as already said you can try a string centering bearing, the bearing taht does that the best is the buddha whipple bearing, luckily for you it’s the cheapest string centering bearing ever. So it’s not the string but I’d suggest getting a bulk 100 pack of yye standard poly strings cuz that one string won’t last you too long before it snaps.


Just ordered some strings, thanks. Would the string centering bearing be worth it? Wouldn’t I be able to perfect my throwing technique through practice?


I strongly advice AGAINST string centering bearings at this point with the exception of the Terrapin X Wing Cut. Even so, flats are the way to go right now. You don’t need a “gimmick” that becomes a crutch. The only reason why I recommend the Terrapin X Wing Cut is because it’s so gently shaped, it’s like playing a flat but with the advantage of string centering. However, this bearing or not, a centered string on a poor throw isn’t accomplishing anything.

The only way to get a good strong centered throw is to practice throwing good strong, straight and level throws. This takes a lot of time and a lot of practice. That doesn’t mean you don’t work on other stuff, it just means it’s another element to constantly be working on. I’m over 2 years into this and my throw is relatively straight and strong, but sometimes it still needs some work.

So, no, don’t get a string centering bearing at this point. Stick with flats and learn how to throw better, straighter, stronger and more level. Learn to play unresponsive and learn to bind. As new players, we think getting a shaped bearing will help us. We think getting a better yoyo will help us. It won’t. Only practice will help us.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I had the money to spend, so I did. Learn from what I learned. Hard work, developing skills and perseverance will over-come whatever technological edge you think you’ll get from a yoyo or a bearing(or both).

Note, I’m an advocate of doing what you want. If you really want a shaped bearing, you’re gonna do it. Fine. Whatever. If you feel getting a more expensive or metal yoyo will help, you’re gonna do that too. Either way, you’re NOT addressing the issue. But, once you get better and your throw is reliable and you’re getting good sleep times, then if you have the money and the inclination, get some bearings and experiment with them and see what you like best in what yoyo. Until then, I really advocate flat bearings for the time being, or stock bearings(they might not be flat). You don’t want to get lazy now and develop bad habits.

I like different bearings in different yoyos. Flat, KK, centertracs, trifectas, Crucial Grooved, various Buddha bearings, One Drop 10 Ball, YYJ Speed… I let the yoyo tell me what bearing I should be putting in it. In all of my DM2’s, I have Terrapin X Wing Cut bearings in them. In my One Drops, they are all stock except my Burnsides(2), which have Trifectas in them because I liked that set up better. My 2 Code 2’s are both stock. ALl my CLYW’s use flat bearings except for the newer one that ship with CenterTracs except my BvMr2, which I have a One Drop 10 Ball in. I also have yoyos with stock KK’s in them, such as the Phenom, Anglam, and Phenomizm. What I find best for me may not be what’s best for you. Only through experimenting can you figure this out. However, that’s not for beginners.

Trust me when I say that if I’m throwing poorly, no bearing is gonna help me short of a tilt correction.

Thank me later or thank me never. Either way, I don’t care.


Studio42, if he got a String Centering bearing it would keep the string from rubbing the wall of the yoyo so it might help him.


He knows what he’s talking about. He’s just saying he shouldnt get one because then it would become a habit when he gets better so he will only use string centering bearings instead of getting the technique himself. :slight_smile:


If you switch to the speed bearing that comes with the DM2 you will notice a huge difference in spin time from the increase in size of the gap. I switched mine at ripcord and went through all the advanced tricks but not smoothly. Learning to bind isn’t that bad but will frustrate you for a day or two. You will think you’re yoyo is broken because you’re doing exactly like the tutorials show but not getting a bind. There are subtle movements that aren’t explained(at least that’s what I found out) in the tutorials. But once you switch the bearing be prepared to either buy a new throw or change out the bearings when want to do tricks with a responsive throw. I now keep my DM2 responsive and throw my chief unresponsive.


Brilliant help! Thanks!

Thanks! I suppose for now ill switch out the bearings from responsive to unresponsive. It is possible to do a combo of different tricks with the responsive bearing and still have the yoyo spinning, isn’t it?


It is. But it’s a little harder


Ok. I shall get on with it. Thanks for your help guys :slight_smile: