ok some basic questions

so I have dark magic and i’m feeling like I might need to step up to a better bearing, I’m thinking about the one drop 10 ball but i’m also thinking about a concaved one…are there any advantages to one over the other? and is there any list to when I should learn what trick? my problem here is I can do these tricks but my yoyo just spins out to quickly…

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It’s you, not the bearing.

practice more.


I don’t agree with that, you’re doing it wrong

the bearing update is not what you’re after, you probably need/want (or somewhere in between these two) another yoyo, possibly full metal, something with great looks and performance.

of course, practice will make you better and it’s probably the issue on most of your problems right now.
But you should treat yourself and maybe buy your first metal, quality throw and go on from there.

later down the road, you’ll have the ability to test bearings and find out which one suits you best, but right now, just have some fun, go out and buy yourself a nice throw. It’ll change many things and it’ll be fun.

I don’t think an upgrade in yoyo’s is going to help him. He has one of the most stable yoyo’s made. It’s spinning out. This means practice. I don’t think you will gain anything out of buying a bearing. I think you should just keep throwing (like we all were told to when we hit that stage) and it will eventually click and you will have the perfect throw. Then and only then will you get the full potential out of your bearing.


I completely agree, and being relatively new, I know it’s true. I’m only almost 5 months in at this point, and sometimes I just have periods where I don’t throw well, don’t know why, but I do, and as a result, I’m getting the problems described: yoyo spinning out or sometimes. Front throw, break-awy, doesn’t matter.

The key is the throw. Just keep working on it. More snap of the wrist too. That snap adds a lot.

Also, keep practicing the trick. You’ll learn to throw harder, straighter and at the same time smooth out the mechanics of the trick. So, one thing will drive the other.

Regarding lists:
YYE has a list for tricks. I suggest you follow that order because there’s a logic behind the trick order. It shows some basic stuff to build confidence, then moves on to tricks in a logical order, adding elements one at a time. While some tricks are quite hard, it’s mostly a matter of having a good throw and logically breaking the trick down as shown in the videos.

Bearings is a whole other world of debate and arguments. Right now, that’s not what you need to worry about.

It is definitly your throw, unless your bearing has thick lube and is insanley dirty (in which clase, clean it) then your throw is to blame. Just practice, it is the best way and that is why you hear it all the time. I started with a duncan mosquito and then moved up to a dark magic and it took me all the way through master level tricks. That yoyo has been tried and tested.

Like suudio said, bearings are a whole diffrent ballgame. Such a big duscussion and so many people claiming what is right. Once you get to master or expert tricks then maby you can look into bearings but that is a ways away.

I agree with Icthus about the bearing and yo-yo.

Studio42 I completely get what you’re saying when you say you go through periods where you don’t throw as well, the same thing happens to me and I’ve been learning for almost a year now. The “dry spells” are becoming less common, but they still happen and I’m sure everyone goes through them. Good thing it’s made up by days when you feel on fire! :smiley:
So don’t get too discouraged Renozuken! You are at the hardest stage right now where it takes forever just to learn something simple. So switch it up, make it fun, and don’t take it too seriously, because you will get it.

As far as the trick list goes, there is a method to the madness. If you are getting too hung up on something though I suggest moving forward to a trick that doesn’t build off of something you don’t know and come back to the problem trick later. Once you learn split bottom mount there are many tricks that use that throughout the different sections of the list. I don’t really see a reason why once you have mastered tricks like “split the atom” or “mach 5” you can’t give “pop n fresh” a go. It is a bit harder, but it builds directly off of “mach 5.”

it’s not about helping, it’s just about moving on, growing up if you will, the DM is an awesome throw, but sometimes it’s good just to change, it’ll open new possibilities, new feelings in general.

A DMII is more than enough for a whole life of yoyoing, the problem he has, everybody had them, upgrading the bearing or changing the yoyo won’t change this, but I’d rather get a new throw than a bearing upgrade

Not to push sales, but I think it would be good if most of us, if not all of us, had a variety of throws. Different sizes, shapes, weights. Each yoyo brings something different. My collection has grown quite a bit recently. Many were bought with variety in mind, however some cater to my preferences towards full/overized heavy throws. I have a bearing I prefer, and I can buy more of them later.

But, without good fundamental basics such as a good front throw, a good breakaway and good binds, there’s really no need to upgrade. I got a DM2, I love my DM2, and it’s still my go-to throw, even though I have more expensive stuff. If you get your basics down, then the rest comes down to “what do I prefer”, and those preferences will include shapes, sizes, weights and even bearings. But if your throw is not good, nothing in the world is going to help that short of practicing.

So, if I had time today, I’d throw more. But I don’t. I have other things I have to do. Even if you can only get 5 minutes to practice your throw, take it! Every little bit helps.

I think all the replies here are good. More yoyos are good, practice is good, different bearings can be good.

The thing to take away from all this is that a new bearing or yoyo is not a substitute for developing a good throw i.e. practice. :wink:

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ok thanks guys I think I know what to do now, I was just thinking that the Dark magic bearing was more geared for the begginers and when I’m moving up to advanced now. the problem is that my string is always rubbing the side is there a trick to get it to stay in the middle?

When you advance to diffrent yoyos alot well be low walled which will help but for now just practice keeping your arms straight and the string centered. Just hold it in a trapeze (while spinning of course) and keep your arms straight, then go into your trick and always be aware of how your arms are positioned. It just takes allot of practice.

You are aware the Dark Magic II comes with 2 bearings, right? The slimmer bearing is geared more towards beginners, but the wider bearing is geared for “everyone else”.

The trick to keeping the string in the center is a straight, flat, strong throw. I’ve noticed that if I can do that, the string will naturally seem to stay in the center.

so you’re saying I should get a DM 2?

Actually the “advanced” bearing in the DM II is basically the same bearing that is in the original DM, which I assume you have, based on your comment.

Oh you have the original DM? Many people didn’t know there was an original. I’m not aware of the complete feature set of the original, as I have the DM2. The original was before I started getting into this stuff.

Well sure, get a DM2, but it won’t solve anything. Isn’t the original DM an adjustable gap model? You might need to loosen the sides up a bit. If Andre was using an original DM in his tutorial videos, then I can bet there was something going on. Watch some of the maintenance videos. Or maybe you do need a C-sized bearing instead of a narrow bearing.

What else do you have?

The original DM has a “C” sized bearing, That’s what I referred to as the “advanced” bearing.
And yes, the gap is adjustable. Unscrew it to open the gap up some.

ok how far can I open the gap before it will fall off? cause I’m always unsure if I can make it wider or not

I thought the DM I was responsive?

It opens up noticeably (quite a bit that is). Just unscrew it and watch the the edge of the bearing is still inside the shell, otherwise the string will snag in the bearing seat.

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