Hello! I'm new and i've got some issues

Hello everyone, i saw some videos of Yo-Yo players and decided on a go to order myself one :stuck_out_tongue:
So right now i ordered a Dark Magic II, since it was the recommended Yo-Yo…and iv’e got some issues…
First, maybe 1 on 2 times, i feel like my yo-yo isnt spinning smoothly, like its shaking a little bit, and it tends to lean towards a side instead of staying balanced…any advice?
Second…GOD my hand hurt…when it comes back to my hand…what power! i should have taken a full plastic one…
Third, i think my string is a little bit too long for me, but really just a bit…and i dont know how to make the same knot as before if i cut it…and also the string get really tight around my finger…completely cuting my blood flow sometimes O_O, should i wear some kind of gloves lol?

And last, any really important things i should know lol?


Work on your throw! My Yo-Yo was always to one side until I literally just threw, Bind, repeat. This made not only my spin time better but a staighter throw.
The reason your hand hurts when it comes back up is because you should be doing quite a few tricks in between throws, thus using that energy that hits your hand.
right http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYsatASYJsU here should show you how to tie your string.

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Well welcome to the forums! Anyways, to answer your questions…

About the yoyo shaking around and sometimes leaning to one side, it’s all in your throw, unless somethings seriously wrong with your yoyo. Put your finger up to it and it should stop. About the string tightening up around your finger, sometimes you have to loosen it. You really don’t need gloves, but I guess you could get some. And about retying your string, I think there’s a video about that here. http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/004-adjust-yo-yo-string.html

ive been trying over an hour so far…no real evolution …i really gotta find out what im doing wrong :-\

I’m new, I have a Dark Magic II as well and I know what he’s talking about.

First, both the previous posters have said work on your throw. They are absolutely 100% right. I still work on my throw, and I’m only 10 weeks into this whole yoyo thing. The advantage to most yoyos that have something like the dark magic(two materials meeting) is that you can MORE EASILY see that your throw is bad. Gravity pull or bind return your your yoyo and try again, making tiny corrections until you get some consistency.

Second, sore hand: Oh man, that was a killer. My throw hand got so sore that the yoyo kept popping back out as I think my hand just didn’t want to catch it. I’m working on my throw and sleeper, and sometimes i’d toss it down too hard and the yoyo would just bounce too hard at the end of the string and just come slamming back up and into my hand: POP! OUCH! Took 2 weeks for the pain to go down. I quite literally had to take a break. You gotta build up some callous there.

Gloves? If you’re new, don’t waste the money on them for now. Wait until you’re advanced or something.

Also, watch the learning videos here, especially in regards to adjusting the string.

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I posted this before reading the other three comments, sorry if i am repeating material…

Now I’m not an ‘expert’ but i have been yo-yoing for a while.  Here’s what i have found.

I think what causes the yo-yo to “shake” or ‘vibe’ as i call it, it the throw.  If you practice and experiment with different ways to hold the yo-yo it should go away.  And the leaning is one of two things. 1) Your throw, you must throw the yo-yo strait.  2)Unless you have a KK (konkave) bearing the string is going to go to one of the sides and rub one of the response pads, causing the yo-yo to lean and twist.

Again, practice, you will get used to it.  Or you can wait a little bit longer to bring the yo-yo up.  Or don’t throw so hard.

The string knot it vary easy to tie, i will post a vid in a little bit.  They have tape that you can use when you’re just starting, but over time you get used to it.  Your finger will build a callous over time.

The best advice i can give you is practice, patients, and more practice.

I’m sorry if my spelling and/or grammar is bad.
Here are some links/videos that I think will help:

My string knot vid coming soon…

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thx a lot guys for all the help, the most i throw, the less it tend to shake i noticed…i guess its body memory

Any trick to land a basic breakaway? its never horizontal! its a really akward move to do :S

god…i found my yo-yo not responsive enough…and i have some speed bearing that came with it…how can it be less responsive than that, in videos it says a slight hug will get it back…i actually almost have to make it jump really high for it to come back to my hand, really hard to do Pop the clutch :frowning:

Thick lube will make your responsive bearing MORE responsive.

The yoyo ships very responsive and has the responsive bearing installed, but once you break in the bearing, it gets a little non-responsive. Yeah, a good tug will bring it back. But if you want it MORE responsive, then you want the YoYoJam Thick lube. A drop will do it.

Pop the clutch gave me the same problem. I’m intending to keep a wing-shape yoyo ultra responsive, one with a responsive bearing but thin lube or clean, and the rest being non-responsive.

You’re going to have the same issue with forward pass and around the world, which are really looping tricks. Along with pop the clutch, once I put thin lube in, those tricks kinda took a dump on me. I switched to my Yomega Fireball to handle those like a champ! I’m getting a YYJ Unleashed soon to replace the Fireball. A more responsive yoyo configuration will help with those tricks, or a looping yoyo, although pop the clutch comes back over better with a wing-shaped yoyo.

Ok someone already posted a sting knot video. I will knot, lol.

And lube is a must have, i use mine quite a bit. The thick lube is great for doing tricks like “pop the clutch” and looping. The thin lube increases spin time and makes it less responsive.

Welcome to the forums, and happy yo-yoing! :smiley: If you have a question feel free to post, or send me a PM. We will help you best we can.

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i think the problem is my Cotton string…it already look done for…i really cant throw a good looking sleeper, keep getting wavy ect, and if i land a Trapeze…my yo-yo slows down like hell

and what do i do wrong with pop the clutch? everytime it respond, it turn over my arms and…die :frowning:

I do not have the DM* II, but i do have the X-Convict.  I think they are pretty similar, Is it a variable gap?  If it is try making the gap bigger this will alow more sting to be on the bearing and less on the response.  If not you may need to buy bearing spacers**.

And the string problem, i dont know.  I have only used %100 poly, even when i was first leaning.  It works great, and i recomend it.

As for pop the clutch, i dont know, i didnt realy practice it that much.  I set my yo-yo to unresponsive and learned string tricks mostly.  Sorry i cant be more help.  Watch the tutorial vids on this site or wait for someone else to post. :-\

*Dark Magic

im watching the videos…and he have my yo-yo, and his yoyo is a lot more responsive…i cant even start it dead by spinning it and let the string goes around… its not responsive enough…damn i dont wanna wait a week just to have good strings :(…i really dont like the dark magic 2…way too heavy imo

Well I think he is using i DM I, but who cares. ::slight_smile: And if your talking about a snap start, those take A LOT of practice. Took me like a month to get it down.

really? well i guess ima order some more thing, strings, lube, and the little tape that goes around the finger lol

So you cannot?

Based on when the learning videos were made, it’s got to be a DM1. But I agree: who cares.

I have a DM2. I like it. I’m new, I don’t know any better. I still like it. Too light might feel like junk. My ONE is fun, but too light for my preferences.

Regardless, the #1 item:
Practice LOTS. More is better.

And waiting a week for good strings isn’t bad. 100 strings in bulk, fantastic value. Patience is its own reward sometimes.

I almost always buy bulk strings when I buy from here. Got 100 bulk 100% cotton and bulk Slick6. I’m gonna probably order 100 count bulk 100% poly next time. Nice to have options, right? Ah, but what color! Don’t want to confuse stuff!

Regarding tape: I bought some for my kids. I don’t use it myself. I just loosen the string every few minutes and I’m fine.

DM 2s are a good bit more unresponsive stock than the old DMs were. Pop the clutch is a pretty old trick, I’d suggest working on tricks that don’t rely on a tug response. Old tricks are definitely fun, but you can learn them later when you’ve picked up a more responsive yoyo down the line. Definitely buy some string and lube, though, you can never have too much string. I’d recommend not buying finger tape. You’re gonna get a callous eventually, and that’s way better than using tape.

“Practice LOTS.” <–%100 Right

And when buying string buy the 100 pack its soo much cheaper. Be shure to get a good color though, you will be stick with it a while. :wink:

Well thats up to you what ever you want to do. What ever you find fun, after all a yo-yo is a toy…

I also think that finger tape is a waist of money. But if you find your finger hurts so bad you cant yo-yo without it, than get some. Its better to spend $5 and keep yo-yoing than to quit.
Personaly i have never tried the stuff so i cant tell you how it is…