Gravity Pull + beginner questions

This is only my second day of ever using a yo yo. With that said, it’s been a frustrating two days, but I refuse to give up. As the title states, I’m trying to learn the Gravity Pull. I’ve noticed some common issues though and I think I know the causes, but I 'd like some confirmation.

  1. After pulling, the yo yo comes up but flies over my hand towards my head.
  • I’m assuming that this is due to pulling too hard.
  1. When I pull, the yo yo bounces up but the string doesn’t wind up and, for lack of a better term, it all goes crazy.
  • I’m assuming that this is due to pulling too soon, prior to the yo yo reaching the end of the string.
  1. After pulling, the yo yo flies forward and away from me.
  • I’m assuming that this is due to pulling my arm back instead of pulling my hand/wrist up.
  1. After I throw, the yo yo quickly falls off axis and ends up losing all of it’s spin.
  • I’m assuming I’m just throwing incorrectly, not sure how though.

Also, I have a MUCH higher success rate with Gravity Pulls by doing Sleepers instead. I’m assuming that this is because I am preventing #2 from happening, and it gives me time to relax. Is this a good way to try learning, or should I not be doing this?

I’ve also noticed this problem:

If you can’t tell by the picture, it is the string getting incredibly twisted. To the point where it’s difficult to rewind the yo yo. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Or is it possibly something that I’m doing myself?

Some unrelated questions:
How am I doing so far on terminology? The terminology used here is quite unique and I’d like to avoid confusion if possible.

Is there a “beginners” section of the forum that I just can’t seem to find? I know there is the tab at the top with all the videos but it’d be nice to be able to discuss with people at/around my own skill level.

Start Here
then move onto here

That should get you going.  The twisted string means your string ‘tension’ is off.  There are many ways to correct it, but start by just taking the string off your finger, holding the yoyo in one hand, then pinching the string at the yoyo and dragging to the end 5-10 times until its corrected.  When you wind the yoyo, try winding in the opposite direction, that will affect the tension as well.  Feel free to message me with questions.


Yup, listen to this guy, also, once you learn the side throw, and some trucks (walk the dog, rock the baby etc) learn UFO. It will loosen the string, which is important.

Gravity pull is ALWAYS from the sleeper! Keep doing it this way. Over time, you’ll get a feel for when your yoyo has started sleeping and you’ll do the pull in such a way that the whole round trip is seamless. Or not… doesn’t matter… a good gravity pull doesn’t need to be seamless, g’head and let’r sleep for a moment.

The “going off axis” thing is fixed not only with a straighter throw, but also a stronger throw. The gyroscopic effect of the yoyo is what keeps it aligned; so as the spin dies, the tendency to tilt increases.

It takes work and practice to be able to throw hard and yet still allow the yoyo to gracefully sleep. You’ll see very experienced yoyoers still sometimes throwing once or twice because they’ve accidentally gravity pulled when they meant to just sleep. There’s a certain touch, and even with experience you don’t always nail it.

One of the first things I tell kids when I’m teaching them is “It took me a week of practice to get the yoyo to sleep, and come straight back up”. Keep at it, you’ll get there!

Trust me on this. Yoyoing… Well isn’t that fun at first, learning to throw. But after that, once you learn tricks, it gets sooo much better! Then once you learn the split bottom (1 1/2) mount, its dooo much fun! Just trust me, keep practicing ;D

I’m too stubborn to quit now. I’ve gotten a lot better at the Gravity Pull since last night, I don’t have it down yet, but I’m a lot better with it. I’ll give it another day or two with the Gravity Pull/Sleeper before I start moving on.

Ignoring Walk The Dog and the Creeper, where should I be going next? I’ve heard the UFO, Split Bottom, Forward Pass and Around the world suggested. Or is there not really a set progression for the beginning tricks?

start with those, that will be your best thing what can u do, and tbh u dont have to know all the picture tricks but knowing  at least eifel tower rock the baby itzty one hand star jamaican flag is kinda fun

To be honest i thought the creeper and UFO were hard when i started. I found walk the dog, forwward pass, around the world easier… As for split bottom you might not wantto try that for a little while… It’s more intermediate.

I still can’t do creeper. UFO is pretty hard, but it’s rewarding when you nail it!

Sidewinder is a really fun one, and it’s a tension-adjustment trick at the same time. Certainly forward pass and breakaway are must-haves.

Thats what I was going to say, the split bottom mount took me more than a month… I was the one who said ufo, but, I only said it because you wanted a way to loosen your string. Maybe once you get a little better, you will remember it. I say you learn these:

  1. Sleeper
    2.walk the dog
    3rock the baby
    4 either a picture trick or forward pass
    5 around the world
    Thats if your interested in looping tricks. I did learn forward pass as a beginner, but didn’t learn around the world till I was half way done with intermediate. Good luck! :slight_smile:
    Edit: go to learn at the top left of the screen, and it will show beginner, intermediate,advanced Etc.
    But where I learn my tricks online is from yotricks. Another person fave you a link to some part of the site. I just go to YouTube and type in “yotricks” and the name of the trick. Of just look around the channel to see what to learn. What yoyo are you using?
    Oh, also if you leave a comment on YouTube, the guy in the vud reply’s to it pretty fast. But dont ask him about yoyos, he’s just going to recommend the Peter dish luminator to ANYBODY, cuz that brand sponsored him, I think…

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I’ll have to look over them to see where I’d like to start. Yotricks seems like a good channel to look in to as well.

I’m currently using the Yomega Fireball and I just got the Duncan Pro-fly in the mail. Not sure which I’ll like better. Also, I’m interested in Loop and string (is this the correct term?) tricks; more so string tricks though.

Haha, ya there the right terms; looping and string tricks, or 1a (string tricks) and 2a (looping) the fireball us okay, for beginning. You can look into something like a loop 900 or unleashed, (my preferences) and for string tricks, I’d recommend… Well for beginners something like a classic(I forgot, like $10 then when you go into unresponsive play, defiantly go for a protostar($35) thats just when you wanna get a new yoyo.
I’d use the fireball… :slight_smile:

I found the learn tab above, here on YoyoeXpert to be a great resource, the order the tricks are taught are pretty good too, in 3 months I’ve gone from picture tricks to The Matrix so either I’m magic or André is a great teacher


Yesterday, I had like a 60% success rate with the Gravity Pull. Now today, during nearly every throw, the yoyo is tilted, this this: /

At first, I figured it was because I was trying to keep my middle finger/yoyo completely perpendicular to the ground prior to throwing, which is something I hadn’t been doing previously. After trying to correct that, it’s still happening. Not sure if I should try something different, or what’s going on. I just want to get the absolute basics down prior to attempting to learn tricks.

You just need to practice throwing! I went through 4 strings just throwing the yoyo and bringing it up, over and over again… I built up a strong throw from that, which helped me a lot when I started. After you get gravity pull, try to get it 5 times in a row, and if you are confident about it, 10 times in a row. Try to throw it string, but not too strong, cuz even if I try to throw it really really hard, it will tilt. Where do you buy yoyos?

I’ll bet you are holding it upside down. Check to make sure when you hold the yoyo palm up the string goes from your finger up over the top of the yoyo, not under it. If you hold it the wrong way it catches on your finger when you throw it and it tilts;

Yea, I’m just working on the throws for now as I know that it’s the essential bit for every trick. Yesterday, I was consistently getting 5-6 successes in a row. Not sure what is going on today. My first string is getting a little beat up, but I’ve got more coming in the mail.

I bought two yoyos from the shop here, and one from a toy store. I have the Duncan Pro-Fly, Yomega Fireball, and YYF Whip. I’m using the Fireball for now, and when I move onto unresponsive, I’ll use the Whip.

I’m not, actually. I’ve had no prior experience with yoyos so I followed the video on this site for the Gravity Pull.

It took me 6 months just to get trapeze (a few years ago) so just keep practicing and you’ll get the gravity pull for sure! Then you can move on to even more awesome tricks.

Oh, the WHiP is great! Super fun and long spinning. I recommend you learn how yo bind after you learn, like gravity pull and/or walk the dog, its pretty easy to bind.the whip should bring you a long way.
Keep practicing!