How to improve my skills


Hi, i’m new to yo-yo playing and haven’t got much experience yet . So far i have master most of the basics technique and few advance in 3-4 days except for the UFO and Pop the Clutch , can you tell me how to catch it accurately since the yoyo landed on places that’s shoudn’t land on.
-Also can you help me to make the Sleeper to sleep for a long times like from 1-2 minutes since i can only do 20 seconds .
Thanks you !! :smiley:


Just keep on trying. If you Train much you going to be awesome soon. Lern on yoyoexpert at the start. If Their are smetig Else pm me


What kind of yoyo are you using? Although sleep time isn’t that important, if you upgraded to something like a kickside, it can make a world of a difference. I remember when I made the switch from a fireball to a kickside, it was night and day.


Well you haven’t even been yoyoing for a week yet so it will start very slowly. Just make sure that you are performing the tricks smoothly before you move on and work on that throw. The throw is allmost everything. You are just beginning so it will take time.


Well my yoyo is somewhat similiar to this one !,r:15,s:0,i:114


it says your favorite yoyo is the butterfly, is that what you are using? if it is, im amazed you can even get a 20 second sleeper out of that thing, good job dude!! i would recommend any of the YoYoJam Celcon models, like kickside, lyn fury, speedmaker, journey, etc. out of the group though, i think the kickside would be the best suited to you.

EDIT: just noticed you ninja’d my post, i would still think about buying a kickside, it would make so much difference.


I’m also looking for some strings , the 50/50 strings but i don’t know which to choose , should i use cottons or 50/50 ??


I started with polyester at the first time, but i think thats your choise


Well cottons ain’t working for me since is just grind into my skin and is burn badly


String burn will happen no matter what, especially when you’re just starting. Eventually you’ll build up calluses and it won’t be so bad :slight_smile: Most players prefer 100% polyester strings.


Thanks for all you guys adviced, it’s really helped out alots,i can do the Pop the clutch now but i still can’t mạke it rewind all the way back, i still need to tug it . And i’m practicing on the UFO and the Sidewinder to put lots of tension on my strings ( don’t know if that blocks me from doing the tricks proberly ) .
-I’m practicing on the Trapeze right now, i’m improve alots but still missed like 6 out of 10 times. Then i turn my attention to the Double or Nothing ( i don’t know if this skill is too much for beginners ) and i try to practice that , but the strings can’t land on the 3rd rows , is still landed on the second strings ( the one that connected to the pointer fingers and the throwings fingers ) . So i don’t know if you guys have any tricks or tips that can help me landed that tricks
-PS: i try to advice from Andre to slow it down but its got tangled when i throw it , and also i’m a lefty .
Thanks you if you can replied me with some advice :slight_smile:


good luck man


Yayyyyyy, i just nailed the Double Or Nothing tricks , now i can combine the Trapeze , Ferris Wheel and Double Or Nothing into Matrix (my favorite tricks so far ) :))


Awesome! Good for you!


Are you still using the same yoyo? Good job by the way.


Are you still using the same yoyo? Good job by the way.


that was my favourite in the beginning too!:smiley:

(Alex Fairhurst) #18

YYF Velocity is amazing as a beginner yoyo also. Soon you will probably be wondering about unresponsive play. And the Velocity easily switches between unresponsive play and responsive play. I’m not sure how the kickside is but I’ve heard wonderful things.


Yes , i’m still using the same yoyo , the one that i posted days ago . It somewhat similiar to it


Well ,to tell the truth , i think my yoyo is an unresponsive , since i can’t tug it , but if i tug it into the air hard it’ll rewind into my hand . So do you guys thinks that i should start with a Unresponsive or Responsive yoyo . I’m more of a strings tricks than looping tricks .
-Ps : Does binding return is necessary for unrespondsive yoyo ??
This is my yoyo after 4-5 days of practicing