Question concerning yoyo beginnings

It’s been 3 days since my first-ever yoyo came. I bought a Duncan Flying Squirrel which I found pretty good to start with (considering the cute counterweight (I’m looking forward to try 5A sometime), price, looks and overal opinions on it). I’ve been practicing sleepers all day long (even at school).
I’m not going to ask how to force my yoyo to stay on a string when I try to do mounts and things like these because I’ve already figured out that I can’t do any of this without throwing a perfect sleeper (If I’m wrong on this, let me know).

Question is:
Is it best to practice with a very responsive yoyo (friction stickers are going to die soon, I know that, but ATM they respond alot) so I can get punished by throwing a bad sleeper etc., or if it’s better to put one sticker off so I get longer sleeper time during which I can practice other beginner tricks?
If neither of those two opinions is correct just give me a hint on how to start. I’d appreciate it very much.

Well, first of all, its good that you know the importance of a good throw :slight_smile:

Second, response is always good when you’re starting out. I would definitely start moving on to more tricks in the beginner section and seeing what happens with your response and such, and make a decision from there. Welcome to this forum, and welcome to playing yoyo!!

(PS: I visited the Czech Republic this summer. Its so nice there!!)

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Hey. I always love seeing new players. Pretty much go with what J. Lev said.

Thank you for your replies.
I was thinking about the tricks that I can pull off and I found out that except returning U.F.O. in my hand I can do (not always OFC) all the beginner tricks (+ Rock/Dizzy Baby).
After playing today and thinking, it seems like the response is right but one things comes to my mind: Those stock friction stickers are pretty thick and when sleeping I think that the thing I’m hearing all the time is the string grinding the stickers. That might also slow down the yoyo a lot.

It is IDD possible that if I manage to do solid sleep, the string around the bearing will center itself but there still won’t be enough gap to spin clearly. I have no chance of buying a concave bearing and/or another response system because I don’t want to put more money on it right after few days from the purchase…

As I continue playing my friction sticker is pretty much flat but it still has some response. This is how I like it :slight_smile:
Today I’ve learned Mach 5 and I’m really happy because I see that it is possible to do string tricks like this with my yoyo…

yah its better with a unresponsive yoyo. thats the best one you can get for that price. i thing you should try that and buy some of my string! its very good at whips!

i disagree. ive heard that the protostar is crushing many of the higher priced yoyo’s…

but still. This guy has got EVERYTHING! He understands the basics that most new players don’t learn until later on. He understands the importance of having a good throw, He is perfect. This might sound mean, metal man, but i mean it in no way to be mean: Don’t taint his mind with things like “The best one…” or stuff like that.

back on topic: Don’t bother with the bearings. They are ok how they are. I’d say to play responsive until you reach the parts where you absoloutely need an unresponsive yoyo. In my opinion, starting responsive give you a feel of yoyoing and gives you somewhat smoothness in your tricks.

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If u get a new yoyo tht\at is unresponsive then get the protostar

Once I got to Mach 5 I purchased a Dark Magic. Ever since I have improved daily unless its a rather difficult trick like kwijibo (which is giving lots of trouble right now). But I prefer a yo yo with no response.

Thank you for your comments (especially the one from Zer0).
A week ago I decided to clean the bearing. I did it, put some oil in it and it works pretty well. I can now do most of the intermediate tricks.
My yoyoing drawn alot of attention from my school mates and some of them decided to pick some too :slight_smile: I’m going to sell my Squirrel to my friend and I’ve already ordered an YYJ Lyn Fury. I guess this will last me a long time.

My co-worker gave me a Lynn Fury and it is a great yo yo.

I’m looking forward the double O-ring response system and the fact that I can switch between responsive and unresponsive play via adjusting the gap (also bought red shims for later use). Or at least I believe it works that way (maybe with a little help of thick/thin lube) - correct me if I’m wrong.

there are many factors to the response. The gap, bearing, string, and lubricant. I would say the biggest factor is the bearing and lube. The gap still plays a large part, don’t get me wrong.

All in all. You are correct.

are u sure you haven’t yoyoed before? like, in a past life? cuz you are learing fast and everything you have said is almost 100% right. the only thing is that usually noise comes from the bearing.

I’m pretty sure about that. I just like digging deep into things :slight_smile:
One thing bothers me - I’ve noticed that I’m pretty fatigued from playing. I should not play that often I guess…

Alas… every player has a flaw.

by fatigued you mean that your finger hurts? because that is just something that you get used to.

if you mean you are literally tired from throwing, i recommend finding the nearest gym. jk
if you really me that, then i have some questions: how often do you throw and for how long. because an hour a day may make a beginner a little tired but not too much, while a few hours may make an advanced player somewhat fatigued, but a biginner might feel worse. i don’t truely know because i only yo for a few hours everyday ever since i could and before that only like half an hour.

yes, I remember when I was not used to the extra weight on my finger. And that was a misquito. If you’re beginning, it’ll get easier for you to play longer if you decide to do so. Don’t fret it.

By fatigued I mean that my throws have significantly less power with the same effort I put into throw. You know - If I want the yoyo to spin the same I have to throw much stronger. I wouldn’t say my muscles are weak. They just need to get used to this kind of load.
But it’s getting better. The first days I’ve been throwing for like 2 or more hours. I couldn’t stop. But now I don’t have that much time and therefore my muscles have more time to recover

Fatigue or not, this guy is going to be pro. I can feel it :slight_smile:

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