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Hey Everyone!

My Name is YoYo420throw and im somewhat new to the yo-yo world. I recently purchased a MYY N11. I am pleased with the yoyo but have a couple of questions. Is there anything i can do to make it more responsive? I’m trying to learn simple tricks such as Stop and Go. I try to make it " Stop" but when i jump the yoyo it is so unresponsive it doesnt grab the string. If i try and double bind it, it will then “stop”, but when i try to " Go " when i pull my hand down the yoyo spins at approximately the middle. will changing my response rings help? what about thick lube? im honestly thinking of buying another Dark Magic 2 because it acts unresponsive as well as responsive. i would love your help to broaden my horizon to yoyos i will like! i want to know how to either modify my N11 to do beginner and unresponsive tricks or a yoyo that will have ease doing both! thanks! ;D

Don’t get a DM2 a shutter is a better option these days also just add some sewing machine oil or thick lube to your Yoyo bearing and it should be more responsive.

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What do you mean by a shutter? And thanks! I’ll order some :slight_smile:

a shutter is a yoyo made by the company yoyofactory, or YYF for short. It is considered one of the best yoyos for its price of around $45.00. it is full sized, and can handle just about any trick you can throw at it, making it one of the best possible yoyos for someone just learning to bind, all the way through becoming world champion.

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To make your yoyo more responsive I suggest getting thick lube from!

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Thanks guys! ;D will a shutter easily transition between beginner and more advanced tricks? like will it come back after i throw an around the world or breakaway? maybe im doing something wrong with my n11?

No, the Shutter is a completely unresponsive yo-yo. If you want something that will come back with a tug (for breakaways and other beginner tricks) then get the YoYoFactory ONE, they’re only $8 and come with a slimmer bearing for responsive play but can be upgraded with a normal C bearing for unresponsive once you get to that point.


(Edit: looks like Chimera pretty much gave you all the info I was going to. I spent a while typing my post out though so I’ll throw it out here anyway.)

The Shutter is geared towards unresponsive play, so it won’t come back with a tug on the string. The Magicyoyo N11 is also designed for unresponsive play, which explains the difficulty that you are having getting it back to your hand.

The Yoyojam Classic is a great option. It’s cheap but performs well and comes set up to be responsive (will return when you tug the string)

Then, when you feel ready to move onto unresponsive play, you can pick up an upgrade kit:

Once this is installed, the yoyo will be totally unresponsive and ready to move onto the more difficult tricks.

You can also thick-lube your N11 and/or invest in some thicker response pads, but I personally think starting with something like a Dark Magic 2 or Classic that is already set up with a half-spec (thinner) bearing for responsive play is a better option.


The Classic is another great option and one that even advanced players seem to like with the wider bearing.

#note to self, pick up a Classic for the Museum

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Another vote for the Classic!

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The shutter is a really good yoyo when you are ready to get those newer and more advance tricks. But if your still at stop and go and around the world stage, I vote yoyofactory’s fast 201. I got it when it was still new about 10 years ago and I learned all my basic tricks on it and I never regretted getting it.
How ever, instead of the shutter, I say get the n9 or n12. N9 is one of my favorite yoyos because the hubstacks are really fun and it preforms well. Note, the n9 is a little louder than most yoyos. And the n12, in my experience, handles just like the shutter. Best part is, if you order all the yoyos I mention, It will probably add up, with shipping, to one shutter, but the n9 and n12 you have to order on amazon, therefor you wont get the awesome costumer support that comes with ordering from yoyo expert.

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;D ;D ;D ;D I didn’t expect this much feedback so quickly! im not much worried about price honestly. but i am really glad that you mentioned a cheap yoyo i can train with!!! Ill definitely pick up a classic with my next order. ive already nicked up my n11 :frowning: makes me sad but i know not all the yoyos i buy are gonna hold up, especially since im a beginner. i have yet another question. in my n11 the bearing wont come out, why did they design it like that? what if i wanted to replace it with a bearing that made my gap smaller? what is you guys opinion on the YYF Velocity? ive heard good things but idk… im gonna compare videos of the n12, shutter, and DM2 in action and judge what i would like best, but as for the classic it is a must for me on my next order lol

You could also buy a size c half spec bearing and put it in your n11 , but i dont know if the axle is short enough

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Velocity? no. I would STRONGLY recommend just buying a half-spec bearing if you plan on playing responsive. DM2 I just feel is very outdated. The rims oxidize and turn gross, and the caps make it feel cheap and plasticy. If nicks are a concern to you as they are to me, I would say get a protostar or northstar. (note the only major difference between the two is the weight). They are both outstanding yoyos that will not show much if any wear. I’ve had one of my protostars for 4 years now. I take it everywhere, walk the dog, do freehand, and let my friends and little brother play with it. It still plays fine and I have no problem with it. some metals on the other hand I have yet to take outside my house in fear of acquiring silver marks all around the pretty splash patterns. If nicks are not too big of a concern to you, go ahead and purchase a shutter. Its performance will be a tad better than a protostar, but you probably wouldn’t notice a difference. It is all metal if you’re into that. Don’t be afraid to ask more questions or send a pm if you have any specific things you want to know about, everyone here is here to help.

^^^^^ in case you didn’t want to read all that, my general guide:

don’t care about dings? Shutter
cant stand silver marks? protostar

In my personal opinion, avoid the velocity and DM2.

side note, a shorter string may solve problems with hitting the yoyo on the floor.

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I’ll say trick wise, you cn do more with the shutter an n12 cause of grinds. And bearings get stuck some times. XP I don’t really mind. I get so many knots trying different tricks I constantly take mine apart and don’t worry aboit the bearing falling out.

The bearing will come out, but it’ll take a bearing removal tool:

…and a lot of force. A few yoyo companies have these really tight bearing seats to minimise vibe, but it becomes a bit of a nightmare when it comes to getting the bearings off. I’ve even broken a couple of bearings trying to remove them, and I’m sure many other people have as well. Onedrop are the only company I’ve come across whose bearings can be taken off easily.

The Velocity is alright, but I find that it’s stability and spin aren’t all that great, which is kind of what you want a lot of when you’re beginning. The DM2/Shutter/N12 will all be better options for you at this point in my humble opinion.

As far as the ones you’ve mentioned, they’re all rather different. The Shutter is a better performing unresponsive yoyo than the DM2, but the DM2 is still a great yoyo in it’s own right. Really it all depends on what you want more… If you like the look of a Shutter then grab one and thick-lube it up, but if you’re leaning towards the DM2 then go for that instead.

Personally I think the convenience of buying a yoyo that is already responsive is a lot easier than getting ones hands on some thick lube (currently out of stock on YYE) and then trying to find the sweet spot for responsiveness. At any rate, the Shutter is a fantastic yoyo for unresponsive play so if/when you move onto unresponsive it’s definately worth picking one up.

(I didn’t comment on the N12 since I’ve never played one.)

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this was also my first thought

Can someone explain the different bearings to me? I’m leaning more towards the shutter due to performance and looks. Imma use my n11 as a practice yoyo and get the others when I can afford too and start my collection :slight_smile:

Most modern unresponsive yoyos use a ‘C Size’ bearing, like the one in your N11.

A ‘half spec’ bearing is half the width of a standard C bearing, meaning that the gap of the yoyo is reduced. This means the string is more easily grabbed by the response and therefore the yoyo becomes more responsive.

You can get an idea of the thickness here. :slight_smile:

There are also string centering bearings like Center Tracs/Grooved/Koncave etc, which can be further explained if you aren’t already aware of what they are.


By no means is there anything wrong with buying another yoyo. However, if you would rather not and just want the other yoyo so you can do Stop-N-Go, please know that although the trick is a “beginner” trick, it is not essential to learn in order to do more advanced tricks.

This is not meant to discourage you from buying another yoyo, but to let you know that you aren’t forced to.