Yoyo shoots back too fast



I’ve been practising string tricks with a DM2 and I’m at the end of the intermediate section now. However a trick like ripcord seems impossible with a responsive yoyo.

I’d like to keep it responsive untill I master the intermediate tricks, but the yoyo shoots back whenever I land it on the string and it’s spinning in the opposite direction, like with an over mount: http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/Over_Mount.

Is this just because it’s responsive? Or am I doing something wrong. My DM2 is stock (put a bit of lube on the ball bearings) with the responsive bearing since I haven’t succeeded in getting it out yet…



would just try switching to non-responsive and it helps alot, I feel like response limits the number of tricks I an do, plus it will really help later on when you are doing slack tricks and other more advanced moves


Have the same yoyo, and had the same idea towards staying responsive. Two thoughts:


I found the DM2 with the slim bearing to be quite responsive indeed. I couldn’t double-up on wraps without it binding (for me it was Lindy Loops), period. You’ll have to pick and choose.


Just for a giggle, I swapped in the unresponsive bearing. I couldn’t bind. Kept flinging my finger around, “dropping the loop into the gap” and following other directions. I just couldn’t get’r going. But I threw (and enjoyed) a few tricks, just manually winding when needed.

Put the responsive bearing back in, and felt a growing sense of discontent every time I couldn’t learn a trick because it would shoot back. Googled for more tutorials and finally someone in a ReThinkYoyo comment pointed out this one:

Suddenly it made sense and I could do it consistently… it’s not “dropping the loop” that gets the bind smooth and consistent (for simple front-style binding), it is pulling up on the throw hand . You will instantly get the correct feel for it, and if you’re playing side-style you can always spin your body 90 degrees and just bind front-style until you can do a reverse/under-mount trapeze.

I haven’t put the slim bearing back in the DM2 since that breakthrough, although I’m going to leave a newly-acquired yoyo set up responsive.

I borrowed the “pull the throw hand up” technique from the video and showed two colleagues how to bind in about 5 seconds each. Try it! You won’t go back except by choice.


Oh nice, I practised binding too (with the responsive bearing) but mad the exact same mistake.

But it is indeed because I have the responsive bearing in that I can’t do for example Ripcord, or Mach 5, without the yoyo coming back up? (it seems strange to me because André explains binding after the Intermediate section, and those two tricks are in the Intermediate section…)

In the movie you see him doing a frontstyle bind, but I can’t even let the yoyo spin on the string in that direction. Thought that wasn’t right…

And @GregP, did you have a lot of trouble changing the bearing? I tried but I just can’t get it out, and I don’t want to force anything…


DM2 with slim bearing is way too responsive. But that’s how I learned to bind I just put the thicker bearing and played only with that.


You need to put a string above , that string is the string that creates the loop that’ll fall over your non-pointer fingers putting you in a trapeze , look like this :

------------ -> This is the strings that you put above
( ) -> this is the yoyo
------------ -> This is the lower string that you double loop it.

Oh and i practice Lindy loop , March 5 , ripcord with an responsive before i changed it to unresponsive.

Its not to hard to practice , when you get into advance, expert above you’ll need an unresponsive because of whipping tricks like Thumb whip , Wrist Whip or Slack tricks like the revolution , lacerations and grinding .

There’re also other tricks that require fast and a strong throw so that + resonsive = exploding with rage and anger because sometime you practice you accidently tug it and it shoot back at your hands.

Trust me, you don’t want that to happen


So you can land the responsive DM2 on 4 strings (Ripcord)? And it doesn’t shoot back when doing Mach 5? Pffsj… I don’t get that.

I just succeeded in changing the bearings btw, but binding isn’t as easy as I thought, so I’ll have to practise…

And yeah, I also had it shoot back to my hand when I didn’t want it to, that can be really painful…


Even Lindy Loops are too much string for me with the slim bearing, never mind more than that.

Gi11i4m: I did not have any trouble. My bearing doesn’t “snap” into place on my DM2 the way it does for other yoyos. However, for my yoyos with a tighter-fitting bearing, I use the YoYoFactory bearing removal tool. If you don’t have one, there are videos around (even on this forum, in the maintenance and repair section) for how to use pliers and/or other tools.


I use a ONE yoyo for beginner . DM2 is what i’m going to use to practice expert tricks since my ONE is out of order now . You can practice march 5 , ripcord , lindy loop with a responsive, just practice .Even Wormhole can be practice with a responsive , Eli hops too but maybe a lil hard


Binding is easy , you should start practice on responsive .

Binding goes like this, for me there’s a few ways :

_Throw the yoyo and put it in the Brain twister mount , use yours non throwhand pointer finger and move the strings forward and let go , the string will wrapped itself up .

_The second way is that you throw the yoyo into a trapeze and do a lindy loop but miss, that way you’ll create a knot , after let go of the yoyo and it’ll bind ( for this one do it fast )


just take a wrench and pull it out .


Yeah I did it with pliers, so that’s solved. And now that I’m doing tricks with unresponsive speed bearing I can see that string tricks are much easier, but I have a hard time believing that you could to complicated string tricks with the responsive bearing, it just slows the yoyo down too much when it’s on a string…


Yah that the yoyo I have and when I was doing intermediate tricks I wanted to keep it responsive as well. I ended up switching to a unresponsive :frowning: but I has a much longer spin time and it’s not hard to bind. U can do a side trapeze and throw the loop into the gap. :stuck_out_tongue: Hope I helped.