Unresponsive yoyo

So… I have an unresponsive yoyo… Yoyo factory neon collection star brite and it doesn’t come up without binding… And I heard that the yoyo dark magic ii is unresponsive too… So my question is how the guy in the vids get his yoyo up so easly?

Thanks for answers

Andre’s been yoyoing for years, so binding is second nature to him.

Lol I love your post because when I read it I was like that what I thought when I started. It takes practice and time. The more you do it the more flow you will get and your binds will look smooth like Andre’s.

he might be talking about how in some of andre’s videos, he just tugs to bring it back.
The dm2 comes with 2 bearings, a thinner responsive bearing (comes up with a tug) and a normal unresponsive bearing. For some of andre’s video’s like gravity pull, or pop the clutch, he uses a responsive bearing.

That makes more sense. :smiley:

Ok lemme take a stab at this because I think I know what he’s talking about. Sometimes when binding (and those who do a lot of different binds will know exacly what im talking about) you get a small u hook or twist at the bottom of the string inside the gap. Your next throw is responsive but after that the string is wrapped the other way around the yoyo, after the first throw the second throw breaks through the u hook or twist leaving you unresponsive again. Andre does this a lot due to the way he binds. Watch his videos for those who didn’t catch it. He does the trick, binds, throws it straight down and it comes back up on it’s own, then he continues his tutorial. it does make it look like his yoyo is going unresponsive to responsive to unresponsive. But he just knows when that extra throw is needed because he knows the feel of his binds. Hope that clarifies things.

I’m not sure if he means that, but anyway that was a brilliant description.

I can normally tell when I have a snag like he does.

Thanks! I usually can tell as well.

Well, yes, the Dark Magic 2 has 2 bearings: one responsive bearing and one unresponsive bearing. HOWEVER, in the videos, he uses the Dark Magic 1, which has an adjustable gap. Therefore, he could adjust it to whatever setting he would wish.

In the videos, he’s using the original Dark Magic. Andre probably just put in some thick lube to get it responsive.

To get it back smoothly with binding, all you gotta do is to practice. Those finger flares will come naturally eventually and smoothness will be in your hands. Soon you can bind epically.

Also he filmed all those videos with an original hybrid DM when it didn’t come with two bearings. Just sayin.

There are many unresponsive yoyos in the world designed for 1a (string tricks).

Ahhhhh, but it has an adjustable gap, right?