Dark Magic 2 help?

Hello everyone, nice to meet you all, and here’s hoping that someone can help me :slight_smile:

I consider myself a casual yo-yoer who mostly did it for fun, I had been using the Yomega Raider up until a few days ago, and knew the tricks up until Split the Atom when I found this site. After watching the instruction videos, I was amazed at what the Dark Magic 2 could do. So I purchased one along with a Ceramic Koncave baring (from Bobs bait and tackle will provide a link if someone things it will help them with any type of answer) and received it on Friday. I am new to the unresponsive thing but learned binds as well as split the atom. However the problem is that when I throw the yoyo, it feels like it is not getting even close to the strength that it should, it feels like the yoyo is kind of falling off the string instead of being thrown down, and it feels like it isn’t spinning nearly as fast or as hard as it should be. It also feels and kind of looks like it is vibrating and not sleeping on the end of the string. It does seem to be able to stay on the string for a decent amount of time, but from what I saw in the instruction videos, it should be sleeping much faster and stay stable for much longer. I really don’t know what the problem could be as I am brand new to this yoyo and yoyojam together. But I would really appreciate some help so I can get this yoyo to it’s max ability and help push me to the next level. If anyone has any idea what it could be, or any type of solution please let me know, it would really help me out. Thank you for your time. (I did also purchase yoyojams thing and thick lube, but have not used them - if that could possibly be a reason? I really don’t know much about them, just used Yomega’s in the past when the raider would not return.) But anyways, any help would be great.

It sounds as if your response system needs replaced. Just throw on some new stickers or silicone, or whatever, assuming that’s the problem.

How do I tell if they need to be replaced? The Yo-Yo is brand new. It’s starting to get very frustrating, watching the video here for “strong throws” I throw the yoyo the same way, and it isn’t sleeping even close to the speed it is there and sometimes it vibrates. But I can throw my old yoyo’s just fine and they spin at full speed. Even with the responsive baring it’s the same way. It’s extremely frustrating, does anyone have any ideas?

Sounds like loose binds. Play with the stock bearings first. Not the responsive one. The unresponsive stock bearing. Wind your yoyo up by hand. See how it throws. Throw it after a bind. See how it throws. If it throw worse after a bind than after hand winding – you just need to work on your binds.

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Well thats just because you have gone from a yoyo with a tiny gap to one with a full gap. Your spins should be just fine. It’s most likely tilting because you aren’t used to a wide yoyo.

ill say it bluntly, new people cant bind very well. it took me a good day of constant throwing my DMII to learn to bind. hand wind it, throw and bind. thats all. just keep trying. can you post a photo of each half to see if there is a prob with pads? also the stock response is not as good as the yyf response which is compatable

you don’t need to buy or replace anything, the only thing you need is practice. the only way to throw better/straighter/stronger is to keep throwing. some people recommend throwing parallel to a wall to straighten out their throw. for my I just keep throwing and got better from there. to tell you the truth you don’t need that ceramic if you think it will make you throw better, smoother for the yoyo yes, but throw better, no. I don’t think you need to mess with the response either.

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Ok, does anyone have any tips how to throw it straight with a wider gap? Thanks for all the input from everyone.

Watch which way it tilts. On the next throw twist you wrist slightly the opposite direction. Adjust wrist twist as needed on subsequent throws until straight. Remember how that feels and repeat…

hi. i kind of have the same prob. With the dark magic 2, unresponsive bearing, i cant even get it up again. >:(

also by the way, i thought of a new trick. do the first half of the tidal wave, then snap ur yoyo hand downwards, and the yoyo does this flip kind of thing and comes to ur hand. im going to call it the tidal whip.

That’s the opposite of his problem.
That’s the way it’s meant to play. It requires a bind to return unless you make the bearing more responsive by lubing it a bit.

Still working at, Ive gotten it so I can get the bind every time, and the yo yo is straight more often then not. I am also able to get split the atom with the yoyo still spinning for a decent amount of time (on a good throw) Still not sure about the spin speed. Does anyone have a video that shows how fast it should be spinning?

The DM II is a rock solid player. In experienced hands, sleep times measured in minutes are the average.

If I had to take a guess, I’d say the issue probably rests with your binds. A bad bind will always lead to a bad release the next time you throw. If the bind wasn’t proper and tight, the next throw will feel “sluggish” or “light” in comparison. It might descend slowly and not spin fast. It might fall loosely for half the string before picking up tension and speed. Either one is bad.

Work on tightening up those binds, and making sure your throw technique is solid. Nice, straight, forceful throw with a good wrist snap at the end.

When i try the trapeze bind, i get knots in my yoyo.

By the way does anyone know how to take out the caps on the DM2?

Have you tried a suction cup?

Iv’e been having problems with my Dark magic 2 two. What im doing is just practicing it out but that seems to make it worse, its gotten so bad i can hardly do a trapeze. When i take it into the shop ill tell you what the guy tells me.

trapeze bind is like a braintwister bind its backwards and it gives knots

Umm, what shop? Also trust me when I say it’s you and not the yoyo. take the string off your finger and let the string untwist. Then wind and try some more.