Just purchased my first yoyo, dark magic. I am trying to do some basic tricks. Trying to do the forward pass, I watched the video, it showed at the end of the video the yoyo snapping back into his hand. When I do it the yoyo just spins and dosen’t snap back. Help!! Same for the gravity pull. I know that you have to bind the yoyo to snap back but on those tricks shown he doesn’t do that and it just comes back to his hand. Please help!!!

I’m not sure I completely understand you, but the most important thing is that you only give gentle tug (not too gentle though :wink: ) I would also watch the videos again. If that doesn’t work, your DM might need some thick lube.

Hi there, the Dark Magic is acting unresponsive probably because the gap is loosened, but that’s the way you will eventually want to be playing. Some of the beginner tricks require a looping yoyo or a yoyo with increased response. You can however tighten the gap on your DM to make it more responsive. Once you learn new tricks, you will understand why it came unresponsive. Hope this helps!

I agree. If you want it unresponsive, leave it alone, if you want it responsive, put some thick lube in.

This is what happened to me when I got my Dark Magic 2. What I did was that I just kept on playing, and playing, and playing, and after like 30 minutes of total playing, my DM2 became responsive because the beating broke down. So, all you need to do is break down the bearing and it should make it responsive.

If you bought it new and its a DM II then it should have came with two different bearings the standard bearing installed which allows the yo-yo to be more responsive and the Speed bearing for non-responsive play. If you want to do stuff like gravity pull then put the standard bearing in and mabe a little lube.

Like he said. The thin or skinnier bearing should be the one your using if you want responsive play.

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I think the answer your looking for is response. I’m pretty sure the DM comes with to bearings, one responsive and one not, If you don’t know what response is it’s when the yoyo doesn’t come back up with just a tug but a bind(bind is in the tutorials) that is called “unresponsive”, but when you can pull it back up with a tug it’s called “responsive”. You’ll learn about it more when you get better and progress through yoyoing.

make sure that is is not DM2 if it is than make sure that you have the thinner bearing in (not the extra one that came with it) if you have that one in than it should be responsive, if it is not that than look at your return system, make sure that nothing looks damaged, if your all good there than add some thick lube that should slow the bearing down and make it more responsive, (dont get it on the rubber O rings) PM me with a pic if your still having problems

Dude, like people previously said before, don’t necro this post. It was posted in 2009. I can guarantee you that he doesn’t need to send you pics.