from Sunset Trajectory to Dark Magic....

Hi all, I’m a newbie to the forum but frequent the site a lot. I’ve just bought a dark magic yoyo after working for quite a while with a sunset trajectory. I have gotten all of the basics down with the ST and wanted to move on to learning string tricks.

Anyway, the reason for my post is I want to make sure what I am experiencing right now is normal. I had gotten pretty good doing the basics and was learning some looping on my ST as well. Today I played around with my Dark Magic and I feel like I’ve never held a yoyo before! It is extremely hard to get the thing back to my hand after throwing a strong sleeper. Sometimes my wrist jerk will bounce the yoyo almost all the way up to my hand without it actually catching and winding back up. Is this normal and I just need to keep practicing? Thanks

The Dark Magic can come unresponsive.

It is a butterfly shaped yoyo, unlike the Sunset Trajectory.

The shape makes it have less friction, but it will be more nresponsive, in other words, it won’t come back with a tug.

I reccomend to learn binds:

But if you don’t feel you’re ready, order some thick lube, put that in the bearing and it will come up with a tug.

You can get thick lube here:

But, if you don’t want to pay $5 bucks for shipping, you can use sewing machine oil if you have it.

I’ve also heard that Vasalene, vegetable oil, and grape jelly work as well.


the DM is rim weighted so even if you play them responsive they will sleep very well for a long time and play fairly unresponsive. I know this cause thats how I play them. I love them this way but honestly Thin or one drop of Yomega thin lube will work fine. You should buy some so that way you’ll always have it. trust me it’s a good investment.

~Yin/white mamba

if I was you I would put some thick lube in there
and tighten the gap as much as possible And then start to learn binds… YouTube it you’ll have a bunch of diffrent videos telling u what to do… have fun and practice… the dm is such a fun yo

I know what you mean, i went from a mosquito to my dm. i felt like i had to learn how to yoyo again. it felt too big, too heavy, and i felt like such a retard cuz i couldnt even play with it… But i just practiced my binds for like a day straight, like seriously almost 18 hours… But then i got it down and it was just natural after that, whenever i threw the yoyo i instantly though about binding it back up instead of tugging. Work great for me.

but if you do want it tug responsive, tighten, thick lube, and maybe even double-loop around the bearing. hope this helps ;D

thanks for all of the help. I was starting to feel like maybe the DM was the wrong choice, but I wanted something I’d be happy with for the long haul (sunset trajectory lasted me all of a month, good only for looping now).

Here’s a question, how often should I lube? I added some lube and it became responsive immediately, but only lasted about an hour. I’m starting to think I over-lubed it now, but my DM is totally unresponsive. It has forced me to practice my binds at least…not going to well yet :smiley:

thanks for all of the help

Well I hope everything works out. Start practicing binds, and in the long run the DM is a great choice.

If it was overlubed, it would be responsive, not unresponsive. I’d keep up practicing the binds, in a day or two I bet it’ll feel natural. Playing unresponsive gives you access to a lot more tricks you can learn (not impossible responsive, but many of them are a lot harder).

Thanks guys, binding is slowly coming along. lubing up doesn’t seem to make it any more responsive, but that’s okay.

A question though, are certain tricks not really possible with a no-response yoyo? I just practiced stop n go a few times and my DM just will not catch— binding is the only thing that gets it back to my hand. UFO with my DM isn’t working either. I can do it if I do a double-loop with the string but I’d rather not do that.

The Dark Magic may not be able to do some specific tricks.

UFO and Ston n’ Go are two of them, but there is a few more.

i think it may be unresponsive but you should just learn binding

You are limited to un-responsive tricks generally, but its kind of better that way. if you are learning ufo, a string tension trick, try these instead:

and for the stop and go problem, cause i truly love stop and go, here:

Hope this helps.  ;D

yea u need responsiveness to do stop and go… and UFO is to adjust string tension there are a couple of other ways to do this too… a trick called side winder… bot sire what u would call it but there is a way to adjust string tension from split bottom mount as well… check out the learn section of this site I think Andre touches on the side winder…

I’ve been practicing the tension trick from the split bottom mount, but when I pull the middle string out it tilts the yoyo and spins it out. I’m having problems with the yoyo leaning in general. I’m always trying hard to start with a nice strong and level sleeper though…

For the split bottom mount trick, make sure that your freehand is further from the yoyo than your throwhand is. You also want to pinch on the string with your freehand. Make sure you don’t move your throwhand.

Also, make sure your yoyo isn’t double looped. Make sure it is not knotted also, this will prevent the string from spinning freely.

P.S. Infinity gauntlet is a great way to loosen string tension ::slight_smile: