Brand new Dark Magic VERY unresponsive


First of all, hi. I’ve been doing some basic yo-yoing for a while, and for my birthday my yo-yo loving cousin got me a dark magic and showed me this site.

It says on the Dark Magic page that it’s the yoyo he uses in the tutorials. In the tutorials he just very gently tugs on the string and it will come back to his hand.

(Partially due to my noobiness,) I can hardly get it to come back to my hand at all. I know it’s supposed to be unresponsive, but I can’t even get it to come back in a Forward Pass. Should it be like this?


The Dark Magic was made to be unresponsive. You’ll need to either get some thick lube (like from this site) or just learn to bind (also like from this site).

Also, welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Also, there is a wonderful search button at the top. I found this topic on the same thing.

Again, welcome!


A bit of lube will help. One or Two Drops! No more.

Also, make sure you axle is all the way in by twisting the halfs. Don’t over Tighten.

Try different Strings. Cotton is a bit stickier.


I’m using the blue string that came with it, will that make it more responsive than the white?


Nope. Sometimes, not too often, but sometimes different types of string slightly affect the responsiveness of the yoyo. This isn’t one of those cases. Also, it’s not the color, it’s the type of string.


Yea, Some the 100 percent cottons are thicker, closer to the response. The blue string stock is more then likely 50/50.