Dark Magic unresponsive stock?


I’m quite new to yo-yoing and I got a Dark Magic today and it is really unresponsive stock compared to my Lyn Fury, which I can tug and it’ll just come back up. I’ve been forced to learn to bind with this DM because it simply won’t tug. To get it to grab I need to tug it about 15 times (not do-able). I’ve talked to others who say that their DM is really responsive stock. I’m confused as to why my new day-old DM would be unresponsive compared to everyone else’s DMs which are apparantly very responsive.

If anyone can help please do.

Edit: more info. My Lyn’s bearing spins for about a second before stopping, the DM’s bearing spins for much longer. The bearing rattles a little but I think that is normal.

its fine the bearing is clean. If you want to lube it Im sure the store sells some.

Hey bud good time to learn to bind or buy some thick lube to tug ;D