are DMs responisive when you first get them?

dark magics are supposed to be responsive when they com out of the box right?

I dont think so…mine wasnt. After a dab of thick lube it was.

Depends. Why?

They should be.
However, you can make them unresponsive by…

buying shims…

or buying thin lube…

If it isn’t, you can make it responsive by buying thick lube…

i think one would be if it was tightened all the way

My Dm was when I first get it, it all depeneds on how much lube they put in the bearing at the factory

mine was and still is very unresponsive

when I first got mine it was not completely responsive, but not unresponsive enough for learning tricks like plastic whip. It wore off in a week or two though so if you prefer responsive play I would suggest getting a bottle of thick lube with it.

Just got it… Unresponsive.

Mine was responsive, so apparently, it differs.

Yes. I have a Hybrid Hitman and it was tightened all the way, when I went ot bind, it flew up and hit me. The new O-Rings and the close Starburst are the problems. I had to either replace the O-Ring with a Silicone O-Ring or loosen up the gap to make it unresponsive. :slight_smile:

Mine was responsive and is still responsive if I want it to be. LAter.

Keep it spinning™

yes, but after it breaks in it won’t be.

Mine came tug responsive but I bought it 1 year ago
so maybe yoyojam changed the way they lube bearings
so maybe newer ones come unresponsive (just a guess)
or maybe it just depends on how they lube it