Dark Magic throw power

Hey guys, I have a question…again. I got my Dark Magic about a week ago and for some reason I can’t throw a strong sleeper with it. I look at it when it falls down and it really doesn’t spin to the end of the string like it should, it rather just kind of drops when it nears the end of the string, not giving me a strong sleeper and just a weak one.

Did you take the O-Ring out? What kind of string do you use?

It sounds like it’s not binding tight enough, which is a problem with the factors that affect response. Maybe you changed the response system, or widened the gap, or are not doing bind returns? If you wind it by hand and throw it, it should work well enough.

No, I didn’t take out the O-ring. I think I’m using the default YoYoJam string the Dark Magic came with.

Tighten the gap a bit, make sure not to over-tighten it, though.

Do you have it set up tug responsive? Or, do you have it set up unresponsive for binding?

Assuming you can get a good throw with another yoyo, like they have said it probably isn’t wrapping very tight. Are you doing binding or just wrapping it by hand? is it tightened all the way?

It happens to me sometimes. Maybe you want to change your string.

I don’t Bind right now, I put Thick Lube on the bearing for it to be responsive. I also wrap it by hand.

Ok well in that case you might just need a new string, or at least you could try that.


YYJ yoyos have an adjustable gap so maybe you have it to unresponsive.

Maybe you arent rolling up the yoyo right

Maybe. I’m observing it and I see that since the bearing is loose the first few inches of string that’s wrapped kind of drops since it’s not tight enough. I don’t know why the bearing is’nt tight because I put Thick Lube on it, and the yoyo still somehow responds. It doesn’t respond that well though, sometimes I have to give it a firm tug that makes it bounce over halfway over the string. I mean, I’m lucky if I can pull off Rock the Baby with at least 2 swings and it still having the power to roll back up. The way I roll it up is I put my finger in the way of the string at the beginning (since I can’t wrap it the first few inches because of how loose the bearing is) so it goes over it, about 5 wraps around, take my finger out, and wrap the rest up.

you could try binding tighter or tightneing the gap

I would suggest you just learn to bind.

WAt should i get the DV888 or the hectic i am an advanced yoyoer and i can do binds very well. Which yoyo gives you good sleep time. TY

The problem isn’t really that it’s not getting to my hand, it’s that it’s performing very bad. I heard the Dark Magic is supposed to spin for a couple of minutes and for me it only spins for no more than 8 seconds.

Could be the bearing is still breaking in, which just means keep throwing. If you open up the yoyo, and flick spin the bearing, how long does it spin?

I put Thick Lube on it so it really doesn’t spin, I can only just turn the bearing around with my finger. This has been a problem ever since I first got it though, which was about a week ago.