Bind Return

Hey guys, I just got my Dark Magic today, and it came unresponsive. I learned how to do the Bind Return but the yoyo still isn’t grabbing. I’ve done it about 5 times in a row sometimes but it still wont work. Any tips or suggestions? Very frustrated right now since I just got my Dark Magic and I’m already having a problem with it.

  1. Slow down your binds. If you shoot the loop into the gap too quickly, sometimes it wont grab.
  2. Close the gap all the way.
  3. Instead of shooting the loop straight into the gap, try making it drag against the side so the o-ring or starburst will be able to grab it.

I don’t think my DM has any of those responses, it just said the response was “Hybrid” on the description in the Shop tab.

Hybrid response is starburst and O-Ring.

I suggest using a bigger loop to bind it back. Which type of bind are you doing?

Samad is right. When doing sleeper throws, bind from a trapeze, or an “over mount”. WHen doing breakaways, bind from a braintwister, or an “under mount”. (Under mount is braintwister, over mount is trapeze)

Judging from what rsmod123 said, It’s an under-mount. I can’t land trapezes, still learning how to do it, so I Bind Return it by mounting it like he did in the tutorial video.


Slow down, take your time. :slight_smile:

You’ll get it sometime, but keep trying, practice. :slight_smile:

Make a bigger loop, pull it slowly, but don’t do a Bind. See if it snags. If it doesn’t, add thick lube, if it does, you sohuld be fine, and practice it. :slight_smile:

Here are some good binds you might want to try:

Actually, I have a question. When you Bind Return, will that get the yoyo to start working normally again, with it coming back to your hand with tugs and all? Or is it just to get the yoyo back to your hand during unresponsive play?

It is only to get the yo back to your hand during unresponsive play. If you want your Dark Magic to be tug responsive, but some thick lube to use in your bearing.

Ah, I see. I thought bind returning would make the yoyo responsive to tugging. I should go buy some thick lube then.

If you want it tug responsive then the thick lube will do the trick. However, why not try getting binding down? It sounds like you’re very close to getting it down and it will make learning tricks easier for you as you go along.

I do have the Brain Twister binding version down packed, I can do that one. It’s the Binding that require the use of trapeze that I can’t seem to do at the moment, but your right, even though It’s not responsive at the moment I can still try doing the trapeze. The one thing that I’m upset about though is that how on the description of Dark Magic it says that they recommend the thick lube like it’s some performance enhancer if your experiencing some difficulty with your yoyo not returning, not that it’s REQUIRED to have it if you want tug response. I’m not saying that they should say the Thick Lube is required, but there should be some added information stating that it comes unresponsive and that you should buy some thick lube so it can be responsive.

I think that at some point they used to ship responsive and stayed that way until the bearing broke in. I guess that’s different now because my DM was unresponsive new. Anyway, I guess they could be more clear about it, but on the bright side you’re learning binding early!

Haha, I guess. I should get some thick lube soon. It turned out for the better though, I learned a certain Bind early (Which was very frustrating, but it payed) so that will possibly make it a little easier for me in the future, but at the expense of waiting three days now for the Thick Lube. Well, thanks for sticking with me through this whole topic, I really appreciate it. One more question, if I have to buy thick lube to make the yoyo work, does that mean I have to keep adding more lube and more lube to keep it going?

If you want to bind from a trapeze, just thread the string into the gap from the other side. It gives the same effect.

So do it like a braintwister, but thread into the wrong side.

Now that I found out that I need Thick Lube to make it tug responsive, I have one more question. Does this mean that I have to keep adding more and more thick lube to keep the yoyo tug responsive?

Yes. The lube will wear down as you play so you have to add some more from time to time.

So, is there any other way to get it responsive or is adding Thick Lube periodically the only way?