Newbie Question

I know I am going to get shit for asking this question, but I am stumped. I just received my Dark Magic Yo Yo in the mail and I can’t get it to come up at all. I know I can bind it to get it to come up, but the reason I got this yo yo is because it is the one used in the learn videos. And in the beginner videos the yo yo comes right up. I tried to tighten the yo yo but it is as tight as it is getting (I don’t want to crack it) Any advise would be great, I am sorry for asking such a beginner question :-[

I think in the beginner section it is thick lubed. That means it becomes more responsive. If you have some thick lube Then use it or just learn to bind if you haven’t already.

Wow I have no idea what that means…where do I put this thick lube? Sorry… ???

Thick lube is an lubricant which you put on the bearing to make the yoyo more responsive. If you have bought a dark magic Then you will need to bind unless you thick lube it.

You put the lube in the bearing. You would take the bearing apart and actually put it on one of the balls in the bearing. If you want to learn how to take apart your bearing you could watch Samads video about cleaning your bearing. In it he shows you how to take apart your bearing.

You don’t have to clean your bearing to lube it,871.0.html    <—(Samad’s video)

Make sure the O-Ring (black rubbery ring on the inside) is in place well. Make sure your throw is straight. If your yoyo isn’t spinning quickly enough, then it won’t react when you jerk it up.

He probably looped the string around the bearing twice, or three times.

i just ordered dark magic and im intermediate but im not really sure how to lube or bind =[

Binding is easy. It may be hard at the beginning, but it eventually becomes part of your life after you master it. I sometimes accidentally bind on Sunset Trajectory’s haha.

You can coat the starbursts with a little silicone.

Normally, Dark Magics are responsive (which means that they may come right up when you tug it). However, I think YYJ stopped lubing their bi-metals bearings so you might have to put some thick lube in it. Before you worry about that, make sure you have a strong sleeper. Your DM should be able to spin on the end of the string for at least 20 seconds (later on your throw will get better and this time will get longer). If you can’t get a 20 second sleeper, work on that. If you can get it to sleep for that long and it is still not coming up, its time for thick lube.

Step 1- Unscrew your yoyo

Step 2- Find bearing (the bearing is the little metal donut shaped object in the middle of the yoyo)

Step 3- Apply lube (put 3 drops of YYJ Thick lube onto one side of the bearing.

Step 4- Rescrew- Rescew your yoyo and you are good to go!

For a bottle of YYJ Thick lube (this will last forever)

To learn how to apply it…
Good Luck :wink:

Take off shields. And you could just silicone the o-ring flush and it’ll come up. Use cotton string, erm… make your own thick lube (a bit of vaseline and water.)

Or u can just put your deshielded bearing into a vaseline box overnight.